How to create - Central access printer..

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Operating Systems AIX How to create - Central access printer..
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Old 09-29-2011
How to create - Central access printer..


Totally new to this...

I have asked to create a Central access printer to an AIX Server..

Spoolserver : SapErpDev_DEV_00

Host : SapErpDev IP :

Device type : HPLJ4

Printer model - HPLJ 4 : HP laserjet 4 series PCL - 5

From my understanding, I do have to create a printq for this..

Using 'smit printer' to add an AIX Print Queue
-> Print Spooling
-> Add a Print Queue
Add a Print Queue

But, I'm not sure how this works..
Do I need to install a driver for the HP Laserjet?
or Should I just create a printq for this and start it up..

Btw, the printer is not connected locally, which is not in the datacenter, but at the customer site 30Km away..

Please advice..
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Old 09-30-2011

No need for a drivers just make sure that you add the correct hostname in /etc/hosts. A lot of drivers are built in the kernel itself you just need to look for the exact model.
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Old 10-03-2011
hi csorhand,

Which hostname should be put in /etc/hosts?

currently all the necessary hostname are already in /etc/hosts..

Not really sure on this..
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Old 10-18-2011
You can create the following via

smitty printer

select wether you want it as IP printer / jet direct printer > select HP printer model. Create a spooler name " SapErpDev_DEV_00 " > modify the /etc/hosts and put the name of the "SapErpDev IP :" and its IP.

To test print

lp -mdSapErpDev_DEV_00 /etc/motd ----> this will print the /etc/motd

Spoolserver : SapErpDev_DEV_00

Host : SapErpDev IP :

Device type : HPLJ4

Printer model - HPLJ 4 : HP laserjet 4 series PCL - 5
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