Installing DSA public key in Unix AIX server

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Operating Systems AIX Installing DSA public key in Unix AIX server
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Old 09-22-2011
Installing DSA public key in Unix AIX server


A VMS server want to use SFTP to transfer files to our Unix server. We received their public key. Below is the process we followed to install this public key in our unix server.

1. Go to $HOME/.ssh
2. cat public_key_vms_server >> authorized_keys2
3. Ensure this folder and file has the permissions.

Even after doing this , the VMS server was unable to sftp. Below is the error message they receive.
warning: Error trying to access file /FHP_RPT/user/fhp_support/ssh2/
Warning: child process (ssh_exe:ssh2.exe) exited with code -1

Please advise.
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Old 09-26-2011

Seems to be SSH2 so the public key would go in .ssh2 folder in file "authorization" instead of .ssh
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