Vscsi and npiv on same adapter

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Operating Systems AIX Vscsi and npiv on same adapter
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Old 09-09-2011
Vscsi and npiv on same adapter


I want to change from vscsi to npiv. Is it possible to use both on the same adapter, so we can change the systems one by one, or must we place a second FC adapter in the VIO servers?


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Old 09-09-2011
Can you mix "traditional" vSCSI mapping and pass-thru (NPIV) on the same adapter (5735) for both Disk and Tape? Can you SAN boot a VIOS from the 5735 adapter? - AIX & System P Community

Should work, Redbook "IBM PowerVM Virtualization Managing and Monitoring" (page 82) mentions that the migration from vscsi to npiv is unsupported.
We have gone from physical adapters to vscsi and back with the same LUNs, I can't imagine why this shouldn't work with NPIV as well. The Redbook mentions some migration techniques as well...

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Old 09-09-2011
Yep, both on the same adapter or even the same adapter port is no problem and fully supported.
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