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smit see comand performed ??

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Operating Systems AIX smit see comand performed ??
# 1  
Old 08-29-2011
smit see comand performed ??

i in smit , press F6 ,
smit fs , Change / Show Characteristics of an Enhanced Journaled File System
then F6 to see the comand , how can i see the command performed ??

 x() {                                                                  │
  │   LIST=                                                                  │#
  │   FLAG=0                                                                 │
  │   for i in "$@"                                                          │
  │   do                                                                     │
  │           case "$i" in                                                   │
  │           Megabytes)      FLAG=1;;                                       │
  │           Gigabytes)      FLAG=2;;                                       │
  │           512bytes)       FLAG=0;;                                       │
  │           quota=all)      LIST="$LIST \"quota=userquota,groupquota\"" ;; 

 quota=no)       LIST="${LIST%\"-a\"} -d quota" ;;              │
  │           size=)          LIST="${LIST%\"-a\"}" ;;                       │#
  │           size=*) case "$FLAG" in                                        │
  │                   1)      LIST="$LIST \"$i\"M"                           │
  │                           FLAG=0;;                                       │
  │                   2)      LIST="$LIST \"$i\"G"                           │
  │                           FLAG=0;;                                       │
  │                   0)      LIST="$LIST \"$i\""                            │
  │                           ;;               
                         ;;                                             │
  │                   esac                                                   │#
  │                   ;;                                                     │
  │           *)      LIST="$LIST \"$i\""                                    │
  │                   ;;                                                     │
  │           esac                                                           │
  │   done                                                                   │
  │   eval /usr/sbin/chfs $LIST                                              │
  │   }                                                                      │
  │   x '512bytes' /tmp

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# 2  
Old 08-29-2011
Just select the file system you intend to view/change and simply press enter that's it.

Then you can view smit.log
# tail -f smit.log

# 3  
Old 08-29-2011
that doesn't show me the command that i had executed?
# 4  
Old 08-29-2011
It will not show the command while execution ,It will Just show result of command's execution either it is successful or not.
If you mean to show command's output from smitty itself while the command is executing there is state on top of smitty to show command result.
chfs command is not an interactive command which means no intercation between the user and command in real time.
which is behind smit fs fast_path
# 5  
Old 08-29-2011

smitty has sometimes weird ways to do things (nobody would probably set group/usr quotas to a filesystem this way but if you copy the code into a script, it will do exactly what you just have done).

If you want to know how to do it manually please read this
and please please never ever set quotas for /tmp - you will render applications inoperative and you will have a hard time finding the root cause - it makes more sense to clean it up frequently using appropriate scheduled housekeeping scripts.

# 6  
Old 08-30-2011
the command is listed in ~/smit.script

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