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User defined signal 1

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Operating Systems AIX User defined signal 1
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Old 01-29-2005
User defined signal 1


I am just running a incremental back-up on one of my server.
But these days It abrubtly fails with below error.

User defined signal 1

When I rerun the back-up, It completed successfully.Earlier this was not happening.

Any Idea, what could be the problem .........?


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tapset::signal(3stap)													     tapset::signal(3stap)

tapset::signal - systemtap signal tapset DESCRIPTION
This family of probe points is used to probe signal activities. Since there are so many signals sent to processes at any given point, it is advisable to filter the information according to the requirements. For example, filter only for a particular signal (if sig==2) or for a particular process (if pid_name==stap). signal.send Signal being sent to a process See probe::signal.send(3stap) for details. signal.send.return Signal being sent to a process completed (deprecated in SystemTap 2.1) See probe::signal.send.return(3stap) for details. signal.checkperm Check being performed on a sent signal See probe::signal.checkperm(3stap) for details. signal.checkperm.return Check performed on a sent signal completed See probe::signal.checkperm.return(3stap) for details. signal.wakeup Sleeping process being wakened for signal See probe::signal.wakeup(3stap) for details. signal.check_ignored Checking to see signal is ignored See probe::signal.check_ignored(3stap) for details. signal.check_ignored.return Check to see signal is ignored completed See probe::signal.check_ignored.return(3stap) for details. signal.force_segv Forcing send of SIGSEGV See probe::signal.force_segv(3stap) for details. signal.force_segv.return Forcing send of SIGSEGV complete See probe::signal.force_segv.return(3stap) for details. signal.syskill Sending kill signal to a process See probe::signal.syskill(3stap) for details. signal.syskill.return Sending kill signal completed See probe::signal.syskill.return(3stap) for details. signal.sys_tkill Sending a kill signal to a thread See probe::signal.sys_tkill(3stap) for details. signal.systkill.return Sending kill signal to a thread completed See probe::signal.systkill.return(3stap) for details. signal.sys_tgkill Sending kill signal to a thread group See probe::signal.sys_tgkill(3stap) for details. signal.sys_tgkill.return Sending kill signal to a thread group completed See probe::signal.sys_tgkill.return(3stap) for details. signal.send_sig_queue Queuing a signal to a process See probe::signal.send_sig_queue(3stap) for details. signal.send_sig_queue.return Queuing a signal to a process completed See probe::signal.send_sig_queue.return(3stap) for details. signal.pending Examining pending signal See probe::signal.pending(3stap) for details. signal.pending.return Examination of pending signal completed See probe::signal.pending.return(3stap) for details. signal.handle Signal handler being invoked See probe::signal.handle(3stap) for details. signal.handle.return Signal handler invocation completed See probe::signal.handle.return(3stap) for details. signal.do_action Examining or changing a signal action See probe::signal.do_action(3stap) for details. signal.do_action.return Examining or changing a signal action completed See probe::signal.do_action.return(3stap) for details. signal.procmask Examining or changing blocked signals See probe::signal.procmask(3stap) for details. signal.procmask.return Examining or changing blocked signals completed See probe::signal.procmask.return(3stap) for details. signal.flush Flushing all pending signals for a task See probe::signal.flush(3stap) for details. get_sa_flags Returns the numeric value of sa_flags See function::get_sa_flags(3stap) for details. get_sa_flags Returns the numeric value of sa_handler See function::get_sa_flags(3stap) for details. get_sa_flags Returns the string representation of a sigset See function::get_sa_flags(3stap) for details. is_sig_blocked Returns 1 if the signal is currently blocked, or 0 if it is not See function::is_sig_blocked(3stap) for details. sa_flags_str Returns the string representation of sa_flags See function::sa_flags_str(3stap) for details. sa_handler Returns the string representation of an sa_handler See function::sa_handler(3stap) for details. signal_str Returns the string representation of a signal number See function::signal_str(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
function::get_sa_flags(3stap), function::get_sa_flags(3stap), function::get_sa_flags(3stap), function::is_sig_blocked(3stap), function::sa_flags_str(3stap), function::sa_handler(3stap), function::signal_str(3stap), probe::signal.send(3stap), probe::signal.send.return(3stap), probe::signal.checkperm(3stap), probe::signal.checkperm.return(3stap), probe::signal.wakeup(3stap), probe::signal.check_ignored(3stap), probe::signal.check_ignored.return(3stap), probe::signal.force_segv(3stap), probe::signal.force_segv.return(3stap), probe::signal.syskill(3stap), probe::signal.syskill.return(3stap), probe::signal.sys_tkill(3stap), probe::signal.systkill.return(3stap), probe::signal.sys_tgkill(3stap), probe::signal.sys_tgkill.return(3stap), probe::signal.send_sig_queue(3stap), probe::signal.send_sig_queue.return(3stap), probe::signal.pending(3stap), probe::signal.pending.return(3stap), probe::signal.handle(3stap), probe::signal.handle.return(3stap), probe::signal.do_action(3stap), probe::signal.do_action.return(3stap), probe::signal.procmask(3stap), probe::signal.procmask.return(3stap), probe::signal.flush(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::signal(3stap)

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