Help with AIX XL C++ complier: app exit before main program

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Operating Systems AIX Help with AIX XL C++ complier: app exit before main program
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Old 07-19-2011
Help with AIX XL C++ complier: app exit before main program

I have two shared libraries, A, B(B depents on A, both linked with -G option which means they're rtl enable), B's toc size is bigger than 64K(-bbigtoc), while A's toc size smaller than 64K.
Then I write a "Hello, world" example E, and link with A and B.
Link cmd 1:
xlC128_r -o E E.o -lA -lB -brtl
./E (E will exit before main program, exit code 99)

Link cmd 2:
xlC128_r -o E E.o -lB -lA -brtl
./E (every thing seems OK ,prints "Hello, world")

I don't know why?
Why the first one cannot runinto main program? Why the second one works. I've tryed serveral methods, but failed.
This problem is weird, but interesting!
Looking forward for solutions. Guys, thanks advance!!!

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