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Operating Systems AIX Terminal Emulation- AIX Server- Best Practices
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Old 07-08-2011
Terminal Emulation- AIX Server- Best Practices

Greetings. We share one AIX server with about 100 users over 4 hub sites via Procomm Plus. Users dvelop bad habits and exit straight out of the terminal window vice correctly logging out of their application session on the server. Sometimes we have to go into the server and terminate their session manually before they can log in again. What are some best practices I can develop, and also please provide me some technical leverage as I the importance of properly closing out of their session before closing their terminal window. Thanks in advance!
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vte(1)								   User Commands							    vte(1)

vte - virtual terminal emulator SYNOPSIS
vte [-2] [-A] [-a] [-B image] [-b] [-C] [-c command] [-D] [-d] [-f font] [-g] [-h] [-i] [-k] [-n] [-r] [-S] [-s] [-T] [-t terminal-type] DESCRIPTION
vte is simply a window wrapped around the vte embeddable terminal emulation control, which does most of the work for gnome-terminal. vte is used mainly to test the control. Most users do not need to use vte directly, but use gnome-terminal instead. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -2 Toggle double buffering. Enabled by default. -A Toggle antialiasing. The default is that of the current GTK+ default. -a Toggle audible bell on/off. If audible bell is enabled, visible bell is disabled. If audible bell is disabled, visible bell is enabled. Audible bell enabled by default. -B image Use image as background. -b Toggle cursor blinking. Enabled by default. -C Open a "console" connection. -c command Fork the specified command. -D Use dingus clicking: as the cursor moves over text matching a certain pattern, the matched text is highlighted and the cur- sor changes shape. Disabled by default. -d Toggle update debugging. Disabled by default. -f font Specify the font to use. Default font is "Sans 12". -g Toggle whether to set geometry hints if font is changed. Enabled by default. -h Toggle highlighting. Disabled by default. -i Toggle whether to obey attempts to set the icon name, if applications running in the terminal request this. -k Toggle whether to keep program running after GTK main loop. Disabled by default. -n Specify the number of scrollback lines. Minumum number of scrollback lines is 100. Default number of scrollback lines is 100. -r Toggle whether to set cursor color to pale red. Disabled by default. -S Toggle launching a shell. Enabled by default. -s Toggle whether to scroll background image along with text. This option is only useful when combined with the -B option. Disabled by default. -T Use transparent background. Overrides the -B option. -t terminal-typeSpecify the terminal type to emulate. EXTENDED DESCRIPTION
vte is designed to emulate the xterm program provided by the X Consortium. In turn, xterm is an almost complete emulation of the DEC VT102 terminal. vte supports the same extensions to VT102 as those provided by xterm, through special escape sequences. xterm is an evolving program. Recent changes to xterm have been been incorporated into vte. This includes emulation of the newer DEC VT220 escape sequences. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Launching the Virtual Terminal Emulator example% vte ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
See environ(5) for descriptions of the following environment variables: VTE_PROFILE_MEMORY Virtualize memory allocation for debugging purposes. EXIT STATUS
The following exit values are returned: 0 Application exited successfully >0 Application exited with failure FILES
The following files are used by this application: /usr/bin/vte Executable for virtual terminal emulator ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWvte | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface stability |External | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
gnome-terminal(1), xterm(1), libvte(3) NOTES
Written by Johan Steyn, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2004. SunOS 5.10 6 Sep 2004 vte(1)