Should GPFS be configured before/after configuring HACMP for 2 node Cluster?

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Operating Systems AIX Should GPFS be configured before/after configuring HACMP for 2 node Cluster?
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Old 07-03-2011
Should GPFS be configured before/after configuring HACMP for 2 node Cluster?


I have a IBM Power series machine that has 2 VIOs and hosting 20 LPARS.

I have two LPARs on which GPFS is configured (4-5 disks)

Now these two LPARs need to be configured for HACMP (PowerHA) as well.

What is recommended? Is it possible that HACMP can be done on this config or do i need to break the GPFS and start again with HACMP first?

Regards, Smilie
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Old 07-04-2011
Well it doesnt really matter.. It was a stupid question.. :P You can do anyone first..

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