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Service IP issue in HACMP, Working with only one node

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Operating Systems AIX Service IP issue in HACMP, Working with only one node
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Old 07-01-2011
Service IP issue in HACMP, Working with only one node


I have a running HACMP Cluster with two nodes. Its working in active/passive mode. (i.e Out of the two nodes in the cluster one will be active and the other one will be on standby. If first node fails the other takes over)

1. There is a Service IP associated with the cluster. Now the issue is when my primary node is active I cannot ping the Service IP. But when I make the secondary node as active the Service IP is pingable.

2. The Persistent IP of only one of the nodes is pingable that too when i make the secondary node as active

Strange I guess I am missing something

Regards, Smilie
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Old 07-02-2011
I doubt that there is something lay down in your security configuration e.g ( firewall )
What about TELNETTing or SSHing from , to and within both nodes , and post here again
also check out this troubleshooting guide
Checking the TCP/IP Subsystem > from page 85 to Checking the Cluster Communications Daemon page 93
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Old 07-03-2011
Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Well I did something very non-unix professional stuff Smilie.. I deleted the cluster...

Verified the /etc/hosts again.. started all over again. and lo it works! Hope not to do such stuff again Smilie

NOTE: This machine has not gone into production the reason i deleted the cluster.

@ h@foorsa.biz Thanks for the trouble shooting guide. A wonderfull resource for HACMP Troubleshooting

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