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How to remove the entry for the path in aix

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How to remove the entry for the path in aix


The below command shows as

root@cbspsdb02 [/var/mqsi/common/profiles] #export MQSI_USER_EXIT_PATH64=/opt/IBM/ITM/aix513/d4/KD4/config/wmb61/lib

root@cbspsdb02 [/var/mqsi/common/profiles] #print $MQSI_USER_EXIT_PATH64

I need to remove the entry for the path "$MQSI_USER_EXIT_PATH64". That is if I type the above command it should not show anything.
How to do that? Please assist

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/>export MQSI_USER_EXIT_PATH64=/opt/IBM/ITM/aix513/d4/KD4/config/wmb61/lib


Note: I did not change $PATH. I only cleared that variable.
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