HPOV : coda is aborted

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Operating Systems AIX HPOV : coda is aborted
# 1  
HPOV : coda is aborted

the service coda is aborted in HPOV the OS is AIX 6.1 , i reinstall it but its give me the same message , i remove coda files under /var/opt/OV/datafiles and i restart the service but its aborted agine .
./ovc -status
ovcd OV Control CORE (44302556) Running
agtrep OV Discovery Agent AGENT,AgtRep (36765746) Running
coda OV Performance Core COREXT Aborted
opcacta OVO Action Agent AGENT,EA (60227822) Running
opcmona OVO Monitor Agent AGENT,EA (63570104) Running
opcmsga OVO Message Agent AGENT,EA (59637982) Running
opcmsgi OVO Message Interceptor AGENT,EA (34799802) Running
ovbbccb OV Communication Broker CORE (6553928) Running
ovconfd OV Config and Deploy COREXT (47382714) Running

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I have no HP OV agent at hand on AIX but you could try checking the logs somewhere below /var/opt/OV or a similar path. IIRC in older versions it was /var/lpp/OV.
# 3  
the problem is that i reinstall HPOV and delete all related files but it did not work
# 4  
Yes I understood, but why not check for the log files if there is anything suspicous in it? When you reinstall it and try to get it's status as you described, it should at least write some log files...
# 5  
the log file is attached now please check it

more coda.txt
0: INF: Sat Apr 30 16:20:49 2011: coda (63045780/1): Initializing CODA
0: INF: Sat Apr 30 16:20:49 2011: coda (63045780/1): Open File (/var/opt/OV/datafiles/coda00003)
0: INF: Sat Apr 30 16:20:50 2011: coda (63045780/1): Open File (/var/opt/OV/datafiles/coda00004)
0: INF: Sat Apr 30 16:20:50 2011: coda (63045780/1): Open File (/var/opt/OV/datafiles/coda00005)
0: INF: Sat Apr 30 16:20:50 2011: coda (63045780/1): Corrupt data area in file (/var/opt/OV/datafiles/coda00006) deleted.
0: INF: Sat Apr 30 16:20:50 2011: coda (63045780/1): Open File (/var/opt/OV/datafiles/coda00006)
0: INF: Sat Apr 30 16:20:50 2011: coda (63045780/1): Create File (/var/opt/OV/datafiles/coda00007)
0: INF: Sat Apr 30 16:20:50 2011: coda (63045780/1): Starting CODA(10.50.180:12:0:/Hewlett-Packard/OpenView/Coda/)

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There are tons of erros in it - when using HP OV, you will most probably have a support contract. Maybe contact your service provider.
# 7  
what do you think the seloution now ?!

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