plink shutdown

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plink shutdown


I'm testing out this plink script - which will be executed to shutdown multiple LPARs.

This consists from:

plink -i /path/ssh/cert/ root@host shutdown -F
plink -i /path/ssh/cert/ root@host2 shutdown -F

The commands gets executed, however it stops on one host, and does not move on to the second host.

any ideas?
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Maybe the plink locks up if the remote end shuts down in mid session. Send it to the background?
plink -i /path/ssh/cert/ root@host shutdown -F & pids=$!
plink -i /path/ssh/cert/ root@host2 shutdown -F & pids="$pids $!"
sleep 300 # enough, too much ?
kill -9 $pids

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hmm, interesting

I will give it a try.

I've tried plink's -batch and -N however no success... but i will try this suggestion.

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rsh/ssh and probably plink are not nice if you want to spin something off, staying by their children despite most options, and in this case, the children evaporate!
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Wrapper the remote shutdown in a script to have it kill its parents (daemonize), something like this, so the plink ends immediately and the script runs on nohup background:
plink -i /path/ssh/cert/ root@host nohup ksh -c '"(kill -9 $PPID $$ ; sleep 5 ; shutdown -F )&"'

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Try running it with an "at" command like this:
plink -i /path/ssh/cert/ root@host "echo \"shutdown -F\" | at now"

This will run in the back ground and go through all your servers without waiting for each one to complete. You'll need to backslash the double-quotes inside the double-quotes so they get sent to the other box as regular double-quotes instead of being interrepted by your local shell.
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