Find the patch that contained a particular file.

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Operating Systems AIX Find the patch that contained a particular file.
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Old 03-07-2011
Find the patch that contained a particular file.

Hi All,

I have an AIX executable (/usr/bin/shell) in my system.

I want to know if this file was updated by any of the installed fixes/apars on my system.

What is the AIX way of finding this information?

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Old 03-07-2011
I think you would be best to start by looking what fileset the file came from like this:
hostname:/:$ lslpp -w /usr/bin/shell
  File                                        Fileset               Type
  /usr/bin/shell                          File

If you only "APPLY" your filesets, instead of committing them, you should have a history with the "lslpp" command.
hostname:/:$ lslpp -l
  Fileset                      Level  State      Description         
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos   COMMITTED  Base Security Function

Path: /etc/objrepos   COMMITTED  Base Security Function

You may have to look back at what you applied and see if that fileset was part of the update... unless anyone has any other ideas.
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