Symbol resolution failed for gawk on AIX

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Operating Systems AIX Symbol resolution failed for gawk on AIX
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Old 01-17-2011
Symbol resolution failed for gawk on AIX


I am installing bison-2.4.3 on AIX.

I am facing the below error.
Could not load program gawk:
Symbol resolution failed for gawk because:
Symbol __pthread (number 159) is not exported from dependent module /usr/lib/libpthreads.a(shr_xpg5.o).
Symbol libintl_bindtextdomain (number 160) is not exported from dependent module /usr/lib/libintl.a(
Symbol libintl_dcgettext (number 161) is not exported from dependent module /usr/lib/libintl.a(
Symbol libintl_dgettext (number 162) is not exported from dependent module /usr/lib/libintl.a(
Symbol libintl_gettext (number 163) is not exported from dependent
module /usr/lib/libintl.a(
Symbol libintl_textdomain (number 164) is not exported from dependent module /usr/lib/libintl.a(
Symbol libintl_dcngettext (number 165) is not exported from dependent module /usr/lib/libintl.a(
Examine .loader section symbols with the 'dump -Tv' command.

Please find the server details below.

# lslpp -l bos.rte.libpthreads
Fileset Level State Description
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
bos.rte.libpthreads COMMITTED pthreads Library
# oslevel -s
# uname -a
AIX sa2sscpl013 3 5 00050D5DD600

Please suggest to resolve the above error.

Thanks in advance,

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Old 01-17-2011
Maybe it will be good if you read bison-2.4.3 on AIX. manual how to install it
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Old 01-17-2011
gettext is often part if the GNU gettext libraries, so you probably need those installed too...

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Old 01-17-2011
you must install Package dependencies from this url
AIX 5L Open Source Packages | Main / bison

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Old 01-24-2011

As mentioned i have verified on the server.

gettext and info are already installed on the server.

# which gettext
# which info

Any other pointers in resolving the error...?

Thanks in advance,
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Old 01-24-2011
Where did you get your bison install package from ?
Welcome to Bull AIX freeware site ?

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