doubts on xcomd

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Operating Systems AIX doubts on xcomd
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Old 01-12-2011
doubts on xcomd

Hi ,

How to check if a daemon process is running or not ? is the lssrc command the right option ?

I want to check if xcomd daemon is running or not ?

lssrc -a | grep xcomd is of no use. Though I am able to sense that xcomd is running there is no output from lssrc command.

Do I need to be a root or member of the group to see the status of xcomd daemon ?

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Old 01-12-2011
When the output of "lssrc -a" does not contain xcomd, it might simply be not being handled by the System Resource Controller. You could issue a "ps -ef" and grep for it and also check /etc/inetd.conf for an appropriate entry, if this daemon is being handled by the inetd superdaemon.

There was a similar thread not long ago you might want to check out:
service status in AIX
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Old 01-12-2011
thanks Zaxxon. Smilie

I was able to find from the ps -eaf command , the xcomd deamon was running.

Jus wanted to ensure if there is any absolute command for finding that.

Unfortunately I was not given permissions to look into /etc/inetd.conf.

anyways thanks for the response Smilie

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