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AIX learning path: suggestions

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Operating Systems AIX AIX learning path: suggestions
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Old 01-03-2011
AIX learning path: suggestions


Am fresher to AIX domain but trained in RHEL 5.

I want to go for AIX certifications in future and very much eager to learn AIX from basics.Kindly provide me the guides or the links or the books for study.

What are the recent IBM AIX certifications in the market as of today and their certification paths..

What will be the exam schedules/timings/format/Fees (INR)...kindly provide help thru information

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Old 01-03-2011

Per our forum rules, all threads must have a descriptive subject text. For example, do not post questions with subjects like "Help Me!", "Urgent!!" or "Doubt". Post subjects like "Execution Problems with Cron" or "Help with Backup Shell Script".

The reason for this is that nearly 95% of all visitors to this site come here because they are referred by a search engine. In order for future searches on your post (with answers) to work well, the subject field must be something useful and related to the problem!

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So, as a benefit and courtesy to current and future knowledge seekers, please be careful with your subject text. You might receive a forum infraction if you don't pay attention to this.

Thank you.

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Old 01-07-2011 all the information is there
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Old 01-09-2011
before I would think of certifications, I would first think of learning AIX Smilie

There is not one book to read for a particular certification, most of the tests at least scratch several books and the certifications base on real AIX experience to a large extend - I would not recommend to even try any of the certifications without at least some time of daily hands on experience - you can read the redbooks but you still have to get some practice first or you are almost guaranteed doomed to fail - and I am not aware that there is any short track bootcamp for AIX like there is for Solaris or Linux ...


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