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I need command for HBA model & firmware please


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Old Unix and Linux 09-25-2010   -   Original Discussion by gulamibrahim
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I need command for HBA model & firmware please

Hi All,

I have a task to complete on several server, I need advice from u guys,i need to know that , how can i check the following thing in AIX server.

1)HBA vendor, HBA model, HBA driver version & HBA firmware.

2) Multipath software & multipath version.

3) Cluster software & cluster version.

and last how to the whether the server is a Cluster or not.

Thanks in Advance,
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Old Unix and Linux 09-28-2010   -   Original Discussion by gulamibrahim
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Ad 1) Try "lsdev" and read the man page of it.
Ad 2-3) Try "lslpp" and read the man page of it.
Ad 4) Try "lssrc" and read the man page of it. (Tip: look for the cluster software)

I hope this helps.

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Old Unix and Linux 09-28-2010   -   Original Discussion by gulamibrahim
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Silly questions.

I looked at this when it was posted and thought this is not relevant to this platform.

For a multi-vendor platform like windows or Linux or x86 it would almost make sense, if the relevant information was posted, but for AIX / rs6k / pSeries / systemP / POWER this sort of question just does not make sense.

If you can justify the questions in a way that applies to this platform then we can help but your questions just do not apply here.

For example:

1)HBA vendor, HBA model, HBA driver version & HBA firmware.

Well the vendor will be IBM or you need to look elsewhere if you have some non-IBM adapter and driver installed.
The model is in the vpd, lscfg -vl fcs<x>
The driver is a function of the AIX TL and SP, oslevel -s, emgr, Etc.
The firmware on an AIX fibre adapter (HBA is not appropriate in this environment because it is a meaningless term, also device firmware is referred to as microcode for adapters and devices around here) is also in the lscfg -vl fcsx output, in the Z9 field from memory.

So, now you know, what use is this to you?

Here we try to help people overcome genuine problems and you do not seem to have any relevant knowledge or reasonable goal so please enlighten us to what you really want to do / know / achieve and we may be able to tell what you want.

If you want to inventory your machines, or check your machines are up to date, then just ask because there are all sorts of tools for that, without you trying to reinvent the world - and then trying to understand what you have done, will do all this for you.

Welcome to AIX, better than the rest and getting better all the time.
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