Role of sys admin during power outage in Data center

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Operating Systems AIX Role of sys admin during power outage in Data center
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Old 08-20-2010
Role of sys admin during power outage in Data center

i am new to aix environment and all my servers are @ remote location

just curious to know , what issues/tasks we will be facing when there is a power outage in a data centre, i heard outage's will be a challenging task for administrators.. any example of that sort will be a great help
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Old 08-20-2010
We use UPS batteries to hold a server up long enough to shut them down gracefully if there is a power outage.
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Old 08-23-2010
Well this largely depends on the lenght of your outage and your datacentre setup.

In our company we have redundant power suppliers and where possible redundant power supplies. We have as well our own generators which can keep our estate alive for 48 hrs. We have annual tests that are simulating worst case scenarios to make sure that we can continue working as if nothing happens. Still every year we have systems that go down as there are no redundant powersupplies or one of these failed unnoticed.

You as a system administrator have to make sure that you do not loose data and that you can keep your operations running. You might have to fail certain systems over to a DR environment. Or like Mike said, you have at least to shutdown your boxes gracefully. If you have systems that are up all day for months or even years, it might be even a good idea to perform an alt_disk_install to have a separate bootable clone of your box in case it doesnt come up cleanly - large differences in temperature of internal disks can corrupt filesystems and destroy disks.

Once your power supply is back up you need to check your system logs for possible failures / error messages ... sometimes loss of power can cause hardware failures.

Kind regards
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