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Unable to execute varyonvg during importvg

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Operating Systems AIX Unable to execute varyonvg during importvg
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Old 02-23-2010
Unable to execute varyonvg during importvg


On Aix 5.3, during importvg, the varyonvg fails:

importvg -y vgtest hdisk20
0516-013 varyonvg: The volume group cannot be varied on because
           there are no good copies of the descriptor area.

When i use manually the command varyonvg -u -b -t vgtest to force, the vg can be active.

lsvg -o

But when the server reboot, the volume group can't activate automatically.

I am forced to reactivate the volume group manually.

When I activate manually the volume group all the physical volumes are active in the group volume.

Have you an idea?

Thank you for your answer

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Old 02-23-2010
What storage and which multipathing software do you use?
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Old 02-23-2010
We use HP Storage XP24k/12k with mpio.

The vgda seems wrong on several discs, how can I fix it?
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Old 02-24-2010
Originally Posted by dantares
We use HP Storage XP24k/12k with mpio.
So you use plain MPIO but no SDDPCM. Furthermore there is a SCSI reservation problem with your VG. This VG originates from another host. You can use the VG after breaking and unlocking the VG but the problem returns after a reboot. Try this: a) Make sure you got the current device drivers for the HP Storage. These are not part of the OS but are supplied by HP. b) the next time you varyon the VG with -b -u issue a simple "varyonvg <yourvg>" immediately afterwards to create a reservation for the current host. Make sure the VG is set to autovaryon. Then reboot again and come back with the result.

Originally Posted by dantares
The vgda seems wrong on several discs, how can I fix it?
What makes you think that the vgda is wrong on several disks?

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