/var filesystem is full

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Operating Systems AIX /var filesystem is full
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/var filesystem is full


Is there a way to clear the temp files from /var/tmp?
Is root access required to delete the files?

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The directory "/var/tmp" is called this way for a reason. Check before with "lsof", "w" or a similar tool to find out if a process accesses the file. If not delete them.

Without knowing which temp files you are talking about it is difficult to know if you need root access or not. Generally speaking, you can delete every file you have write access to, either via direct ownership or group membership or because the file is "world"-writeable. If neither is the case oyu need root. So judge for yourself.

I hope this helps.

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Your should however exercise judgment before removing files in /var/tmp, especially those you don't know the origin.

Unlike /tmp which contains files that can be removed abruptly, for example after a reboot, /var/tmp is a persistent storage and only the applications that created files there are supposed to clean up them. Applications might loose some data if you remove files that belongs to them.
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