AIX 5.3: access existing file gives ENOENT

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Operating Systems AIX AIX 5.3: access existing file gives ENOENT
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Old 11-02-2009
AIX 5.3: access existing file gives ENOENT

I ran truss on a running java program, and noticed that the access system call was returning "Err#2 ENOENT" for existing files, files that were succesfully "accessed" earlier in the same program, and later on.

Is there any reasonable explanation for this behaviour?

In the truss output I find: (preceded by line-numbers)
  +552  access("/softih/fatwire/Shared/elements/Roularta/Query/Template/Sql/2_0.jsp", 04) = 0 
   +563  access("/softih/fatwire/Shared/elements/Roularta/Query/Template/Sql/2_0.jsp", 04) = 0 
   +576  access("/softih/fatwire/Shared/elements/Roularta/Query/Template/Sql/2_0.jsp", 04) = 1 
   +607  access("/softih/fatwire/Shared/elements/Roularta/Query/Template/Sql/2_0.jsp", 04) = 0 
  +1234  access("/softih/fatwire/Shared/elements/Roularta/Query/Template/Sql/2_0.jsp", 04) = 66 
  +1384  access("/softih/fatwire/Shared/elements/Roularta/Query/Template/Sql/2_0.jsp", 04) Err#2  ENOENT 
  +1452  access("/softih/fatwire/Shared/elements/Roularta/Query/Template/Sql/2_0.jsp", 04) = 0

The files are located on:
/dev/lv_soft_IH /softih jfs2 Aug 06 06:37 rw,log=INLINE

Any ideas are very well come,

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Old 11-02-2009
Is the page dynamic? could it have been in the process of being updated while you / your process was trying to read it?

ENOENT 2 /* No such file or directory */

This suggests the file was not there at the time.

Or are there any errors for this disk / mount at the time of the problem?

Otherwise I can not think of a rational explanation.
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Old 11-03-2009
access("/softih/fatwire/Shared/elements/Roularta/Query/Template/Sql/2_0.jsp", 04) = 66

Do you have a clue what the 66 would indicate?

I can hardly imagine that filesystem errors would go unnoticed by the system administrators, but I'll have a look anyhow. Thanks.

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What if we did not have enough aioserver processes?

It looks that way.
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Old 11-03-2009

there is a known bug that sounds similar to yours ... according to IBM it's NFS related but maybe you want to have a look:

Kind regards
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Old 11-04-2009
Thanks, zxmaus. I'd ignored that one because of the NFS, and also the files in my case have been around for months without change, to the file and all directories above.

The filesystem is used as a disk cache by a CMS called Fatwire, loads of creates and deletes of files.

I wonder if it is not the truss output that is having me on, eg:
4776365: 5.3595:        statx("/softih/HTMLpages/OC4J_Fatwire/application-deployments/ContentServer/cs/persistence/_pages/_jsp/_cs__deployed/_roularta/_layout/_Logic.class", 0x000000011749FA40, 176, 010) Err#2  ENOENT
                                                = 0

Has this ENOENT got anything to do with this statx? What's the "= 0" then?
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