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Old 10-27-2009
Help Nim

Hi everybody..

I need help with nim ..

I am install nim master in may ambient.
# lsnim -l master
   class               = machines
   type                = master
   max_nimesis_threads = 20
   comments            = machine which controls the NIM environment
   global_export       = yes
   platform            = chrp
   netboot_kernel      = mp
   if1                 = nimteste EE20B4A89C02
   cable_type1         = N/A
   Cstate              = ready for a NIM operation
   prev_state          = ready for a NIM operation
   Mstate              = currently running
   serves              = boot
   serves              = lp5300
   serves              = nim_script
   serves              = spot5300
   master_port         = 1058
   registration_port   = 1059
   Cstate_result       = failure
   reserved            = yes
   ssl_support         = yes

I donīt configure nobady client in this moment , i just had the nim master.
But what is this match Cstate_result = failure..

Any idea .. i tried find what is this ..


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Old 11-03-2009

looks to me like your name resolution doesn't work. Please check /etc/hosts and/or do nslookup

Kind regards
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Old 11-04-2009

I noticed same thing but after some unsuccessful operation on NIM client. DNS resolving works fine. Try to add some client and perform NIM operation (mksysb, install etc.) just to check this value.

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