I want the perfect user-interface

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Old 10-16-2009
I want the perfect user-interface

I've got an aix-box somewhere on the network and a PC on my desk. Nothing fancy so far.
The PC is made dual-boot:
- windowsXP with putty & winSCP
- slackware 13 with xfce4 installed.

The aix-box runs DB2 v8.2 and I've installed db2top to monitor the database.
db2top is a character based app (like top) and can display a lot of usefull information in a nice way.

So I try to figure out how I can present this info on my screen
1) linux character based (tty1, tty2, etc): Just ssh to aix and start you app. Does not work because aix is not aquinted with "TERM=linux". So you overrule this by typing "export TERM=dtterm" and all is good: nice colors and nice line-draws.
When you start GNU-screen first and then ssh to aix, you font is suddenly not able anymore to display lines. Strange...
2) linux grahical: on your xfce desktop you start Terminal (the standard xfce4 term app) and ssh to aix.
Now you do not get your colors (TERM=xterm) so you try TERM=dtterm. Now you do not get your lines drawn (same as GNU-screen mentioned earlier)
The next option is "TERM=aixterm" That looks better:
Colors? Yes!
Lines? Yes!
Perfect? No! The lines are not aligned.... A screen-row with a line starting on a position > 1 is aligned right.
Windows+putty give the same results as xfce-terminal: not perfect.

I thought that installing linux on my desktop would give me a perfect user-interface to my aix-boxes.
Was I too optimistic?
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