Oracle on AIX 5300-07

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Operating Systems AIX Oracle on AIX 5300-07
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Old 10-12-2009
Oracle on AIX 5300-07

Seek help from all of the experts here.
Database Oracle run on AIX 5300-07.
The system is running so slow that sometime 1 click of changing screen will take more than 5 minutes.
The hardware in this LPAR is 6CPUs, 21GB-RAM, 42GB-Paging and run on p570 server POWER 5+.

And the vmo setting is as below where
minperm = 3%, maxperm=90%, maxclient=90%, lru_file_repage=0 and lru_poll_interval = 10.

With the Oracle init.ora is as below:
*.log_archive_dest_3='service=hlarep reopen=60 optional arch'
*.optimizer_index_caching =70

May I know what is wrong with all these setting? Is there anything on O/S or Database setting that is wrong which affect the slowness?
As I know from my DBA, the Database only using 8GB of memory and I do not understand why it can't use all 21GB of them.
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Old 10-12-2009
Your DBA is referring to *.sga_max_size=8176279568 ~ 8 GB memory used, but *.pga_aggregate_target=2007986918 ~ 1,8 GB is also memory on your server consumed by your database.

Did you investigate if there is something very busy during such slownesses? Did topas or sar show CPUs near 100% or very busy disks?
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Old 10-13-2009
please show output of
vmstat -I 5 5


commands and
lsattr -El aio0

and let us know if this is a oltp or rather a data warehouse database. In addition the output of
iostat -D

could be helpful.
In addition you have

set - do you use large pages - in any other case that is real bad habit and on AIX rather couterproductive in most cases.
Kind regards
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