LUN Reservation and Clearence

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Operating Systems AIX LUN Reservation and Clearence
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Old 07-27-2009
LUN Reservation and Clearence

Hello Everyone,

I wud like to knw what we mean by LUN reservation and how to clear the LUN reservation in AIX.

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Old 07-27-2009
LUN reservation is complex topic, because are involved many variants.

Is method to control the access a LUNS, regularly this is a cluster concept and prevent the simultaneous access to LUNS and prevent data corruption.

However in AIX, this keeps disks reservation when you "varyon" the volumegroup and will remove it when you "varyoff" volume groups

Exist two reservation methods SCSI-2 and SCSI-3.

If varyoff not released the reservation, then you could need one tool depending of the Storage vendor.

For example, EMC have scsi-reservation utility, HDS have DLMPR

Could you post more information to help you .
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Old 08-14-2009
Hi Cer,

Thanks a lot for getting back on this ...

We have setup where we need to move the standalones to LPARs and in this case we need to make sure that we have cleared the LUN reservation on the source server and then later import the vgs which will be on target.

So was jst curious to knw what wud be the case if LUN reserveration is not cleared.

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