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rootvg mirroring query

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Operating Systems AIX rootvg mirroring query
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Old 05-26-2009
Question rootvg mirroring query


I am having query regarding rootvg mirroring, How to find out that rootvg is mirrored?


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Old 05-26-2009

do lsvg -l rootvg - you should see a 1:2 ratio between lp and pp except for the dumpdevices.

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Old 05-26-2009
1:2 ratio if you have a single mirror.

# lsvg -l rootvg
hd5 boot 1 2 2 closed/syncd N/A
hd6 paging 1 2 2 open/syncd N/A
paging00 paging 2 4 2 open/syncd N/A
hd8 jfs2log 1 2 2 open/syncd N/A
hd4 jfs2 1 2 2 open/syncd /
hd2 jfs2 7 14 2 open/syncd /usr
hd9var jfs2 2 4 2 open/syncd /var
hd3 jfs2 7 14 2 open/syncd /tmp
hd1 jfs2 20 40 2 open/syncd /home
hd10opt jfs2 3 6 2 open/syncd /opt
hd11admin jfs2 1 2 2 open/syncd /admin
livedump jfs2 1 2 2 open/syncd /var/adm/ras/livedump
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Old 05-28-2009
Thought that this may also be useful:

As above, list the details of rootvg:

# lsvg -l rootvg
hd8 jfs2log1 2 2 open/syncd N/A
hd4 jfs21 2 2 open/syncd /
hd2 jfs231 62 2 open/syncd /usr
hd9var jfs22 4 2 open/syncd /var
hd3 jfs21 2 2 open/syncd /tmp
hd1 jfs21 2 2 open/syncd /local/home
hd10opt jfs215 30 2 open/syncd /opt
ibmlv jfs22 4 2 open/syncd /ibm
locallv jfs29 18 2 open/syncd /local

The above 'PV' (Physical Volume) column shows that each of the LVs (logical volumes) has 2 physical volumes.

To confirm which are the Physical Volumes used by rootvg:

# lspv | grep rootvg
hdisk0 0056541dbb57c717 rootvg active
hdisk1 0056541d444a581f rootvg active

And if you want to see exactly where a LV is mirrored *(in this case hd2 - /usr):

# lslv -m hd2
LP    PP1  PV1               PP2  PV2               PP3  PV3
0001  0220 hdisk0            0220 hdisk1
0002  0221 hdisk0            0221 hdisk1
0003  0222 hdisk0            0222 hdisk1
0004  0223 hdisk0            0223 hdisk1
0005  0224 hdisk0            0224 hdisk1
0006  0225 hdisk0            0225 hdisk1
0007  0226 hdisk0            0226 hdisk1
0008  0227 hdisk0            0227 hdisk1
0009  0228 hdisk0            0228 hdisk1
0010  0229 hdisk0            0229 hdisk1
0011  0230 hdisk0            0230 hdisk1
0012  0243 hdisk0            0243 hdisk1
0013  0244 hdisk0            0244 hdisk1
0014  0245 hdisk0            0245 hdisk1
0015  0246 hdisk0            0246 hdisk1
0016  0247 hdisk0            0247 hdisk1
0017  0248 hdisk0            0248 hdisk1
0018  0249 hdisk0            0249 hdisk1
0019  0250 hdisk0            0250 hdisk1
0020  0251 hdisk0            0251 hdisk1
0021  0252 hdisk0            0252 hdisk1
0022  0253 hdisk0            0253 hdisk1
0023  0254 hdisk0            0254 hdisk1
0024  0255 hdisk0            0255 hdisk1
0025  0256 hdisk0            0256 hdisk1
0026  0257 hdisk0            0257 hdisk1
0027  0258 hdisk0            0258 hdisk1
0028  0259 hdisk0            0259 hdisk1
0029  0260 hdisk0            0260 hdisk1
0030  0261 hdisk0            0261 hdisk1
0031  0269 hdisk0            0269 hdisk1

Last edited by bakunin; 05-28-2009 at 11:51 AM.. Reason: added code tags, which make alignment even easier
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Old 05-30-2009
it is mirrored... looking at your hd5

now, check your bootlist
does it have both physical disks in the bootlist or not.

type the command

bootlist -m normal -o

if it doesn't , do this

bosboot -ad /dev/hdiskX
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