Hardware address to physical location

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Operating Systems AIX Hardware address to physical location
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Hardware address to physical location


How do I deternine the physical location of an ethernet port, based on the hardware address?

I have 4 ports on a 9133-55A

ent0 05-08
ent1 05-09
ent2 07-08
ent3 07-09

Two of these are internal, and two are on a card. I need to single out ent0 and ent2, but I cannot find any documentation to match address to locations.

Thanks in advence
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If you are connected to an updated HMC, it will show you. Use the "System Plan" option.

The first hit of a google search for "9133-55A physical to logical" was Help -
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Unfortunetly, no HMC

The web site you provided got me what I needed. I somehow did not notice that one. Thanks so much.
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I know you've figured it out now, but thought i'd post my notes anyway incase they are useful

lscfg shows the hardware addresses of all hardware

lscfg -pvl ent1 will give more detail for an individual device (e.g. ent1)

on my box:
# lscfg -pvl ent1
ent1 U788C.001.AAC1535-P1-T2 2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter (14108902)

2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter:
Network Address.............001125C5E831
ROM Level.(alterable).......DV0210
Hardware Location Code......U788C.001.AAC1535-P1-T2


Name: ethernet
Node: ethernet@1,1
Device Type: network
Physical Location: U788C.001.AAC1535-P1-T2

Is an 'Internal Port'

whereas ent2

# lscfg -pvl ent2
ent2 U788C.001.AAC1535-P1-C13-C1-T1 2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter (14108902)

2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter:
Part Number.................03N5298
FRU Number..................03N5298
EC Level....................H13845$
Manufacture ID..............YL1021
Network Address.............001A64A8D516
ROM Level.(alterable).......DV0210
Hardware Location Code......U788C.001.AAC1535-P1-C13-C1-T1


Name: ethernet
Node: ethernet@1
Device Type: network
Physical Location: U788C.001.AAC1535-P1-C13-C1-T1

is on an PCI I/O card

For a physical address e.g.


U788C.001.AAC1535 - this part identifies the 'system unit/draw'. If your system is made up of several draws then look on the front and match the ID to this section of the address.

Now go round the back of the server

P1 This is the PCI bus number. You may only have one.

C13 - Card Slot C13 - They should be numbered on the back of the server

C1-T1 - this is port 1 of 2 that are on the card.

Your internal ports won't have the Card Slot numbers, just the T number, representing the port. This should be marked on the back of your server

e.g. U788C.001.AAC1535-P1-T2 means unit U788C.001.AAC1535 PCI bus P1 port T2 and I would expect to see T2 printed on the back of the server.

Hope that makes sense, haven't had time to proof read this!

Last edited by northernscumbag; 05-21-2009 at 11:48 AM..
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Thanks northern for the info. very helpful as well.
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