Virtual IP address in HACMP

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Operating Systems AIX Virtual IP address in HACMP
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Network Virtual IP address in HACMP

I am new to HACMP V5.4 in AIX5.3.Please let me know how to get the virtual IP address configured for a HACMP cluster.

Is this the correct way to identify it?
If i give ifconfig -a the first ip address displayed is the real address of the host.So the other one can be VIP.

Thanks in Advance
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I guess you mean IP alias instead of "virtual IP address".
It depends in which state the cluster node is and if RGs are up. Usually production addresses are configured as alias when RGs are started. Else a cluster node has it's boot addresses configured which are usually permanent addresses, no aliases.

To get a glimpse at current active IP configuration, use:
/usr/es/sbin/cluster/clstat -o

Not sure if there is an easier way to distinguish what is an alias and what not, you can check with ifconfig -a, which adapter has more than 1 IP configured, example:
$> ifconfig -a
        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
         tcp_sendspace 131072 tcp_recvspace 65536 rfc1323 0

Ok, en5 has 2 addresses; let's check the ODM:

$> odmget -q "name = en5" CuAt

        name = "en5"
        attribute = "netaddr"
        value = ""
        type = "R"
        generic = "DU"
        rep = "s"
        nls_index = 4

        name = "en5"
        attribute = "netmask"
        value = ""
        type = "R"
        generic = "DU"
        rep = "s"
        nls_index = 8

        name = "en5"
        attribute = "state"
        value = "up"
        type = "R"
        generic = "DU"
        rep = "sl"
        nls_index = 5

As you can see the address showing up with ifconfig is not in the ODM. So this is the alias which is only configured on this cluster node, when the related RG (Resource Group) is activated.

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Help in using odmget

I am getting these errors while executing the commands odmget.
Please help me out.

# odmget -q "name=en0" CutAt
0518-506 odmget: Cannot open object class CutAt
Check path name and permissions.
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Originally Posted by guru13
# odmget -q "name=en0" CutAt
There is a simple typo in there: it is "CuAt" - short for "Customized Attributes"

I hope this helps.

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