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How to share a directory in AIX to access from Solaris and windows?

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How to share a directory in AIX to access from Solaris and windows?

Hi All,
I am basically new to this forum as well as AIX. To share some huge files between 2 servers I thought of creating a shared Directory in my AIX machine to access it in Solaris. I am very new to this AIX. Help me out how can u share a directory in AIX to access (mount) it on Solaris.
Hope My question is clear Smilie
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You can NFS mount the AIX directory on to your Solaris box with:
mount -F nfs -o vers=3 <aixhostname>:<aix directory to mount> <local mount point on solaris>
if your aix machine name is:abcdhost1
you want to mount: /usr/sys/inst.images
your local mount point on solaris is: /mnt then,
#mount -F nfs -o vers=3 abcdhost1:/usr/sys/inst.images /mnt
check using exportfs to view list of files that can be exported remotely to other servers..make sure this directory has an entry rw,root to create any files.........

hope this helps..
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To share the volume on the AIX machine you will need to add an entry into the /etc/exports file and then run "exportfs -a", take a look at:
Using Network File System in AIX -- a primer
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