AIX 5.3 & Veritas Backup with Tape Library

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Operating Systems AIX AIX 5.3 & Veritas Backup with Tape Library
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AIX 5.3 & Veritas Backup with Tape Library


I am facing this problem when trying to prepare AIX 5.3 for Veritas Backup:

Veritas Software is not able to communicate properly with our tape library

When we tried to run these commands here's the output

# cfgmgr -l fscsi0
# cfgmgr -l fscsi2
# cfgmgr -l fscsi1
cfgmgr: 0514-621 WARNING: The following device packages are required for
device support but are not currently installed.

for fscsi1 we face issue and this fscsi1 is connected to device rmt0


does this mean I have to install drivers ? I have searched on the internet but there is no definite answer on this topic.

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Yes - the system is missing the fileset 'devices.fcp.changer' - if you have the install media you can load it from there and then retry your commands.
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'devices.fcp.changer' is probably a generic message rather than an actual fileset.
cfgmgr is a bit like that, it will just guess a fileset name if it detects a device and cannot configure it.
you need to find out what the end device, rmt0, is and then contact the manufacturer for the AIX driver.
If it is an IBM drive then the Atape driver will probably do the job (google atape for more info). If it is a non-IBM drive then contact the manufacturer or search their web site for drivers.
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After installing the TS3200 Drivers the message disappeared and everything is working fine.

lsdev -Cc tape now shows the IBM drivers.

issue resolved.
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