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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Indigo mouse Post 95334 by mikidimov on Tuesday 10th of January 2006 12:11:30 PM
Old 01-10-2006
A lot of thanks to You.
But "The link you have chosen is either outdated or incorrect".
And it is o.k. if the converted mouse will work on Indigo R3000 IP12 33MHz /very old but I need it/.
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input-linux-mouse(7)							GGI						      input-linux-mouse(7)

input-linux-mouse - Direct mouse input SYNOPSIS
input-linux-mouse: [<mousetype>] [,<file>] [,[b<bauds>][r<rts>][d<dtr>]] DESCRIPTION
This input opens a file (usually a device file or pipe) and reads mouse protocol data from it. OPTIONS
mousetype Indicates what type of mouse is attached. The following types are supported: o ms, Microsoft : Two button Microsoft compatible mice. o ms3, IntelliMouse, mman+ : Serial Intellimouse or compatible. Supports four buttons for mice like the Logitech MouseMan+. o MouseSystems, msc : MouseSystems compatible (used in most 3-button mice). o Logitech, logi : Used in older Logitech serial mice. o mm, MMSeries : MM series mice. o Sun : Sun mice. The protocol is the same as 'msc' protocol except it used only 3 bytes per packet. o MouseMan, mman : MouseMan protocol. o BusMouse, bm : Non-PS/2 busmice. o LinuxUSB, lnxusb : IMPS2 that doesn't choke on USB (no init attempted). o ps2, PS/2 : PS/2 mice (most non-serial mice use this protocol) o imps2, IMPS/2 : PS/2 IntelliMouse and compatible (not USB, see lnxusb for that.) o mmanps2, MouseManPlusPS/2 : PS/2 Logitech MouseMan+ and compatible. Most of the strings supported by GPM, SVGAlib and XFree can be specified. If you find one that isn't, please report. The special value auto tells input-linux-mouse to read ~/.ggi/input/linux-mouse, and if that fails, $sysconfdir/ggi/input/linux- mouse. If none of the two files are found, input-linux-mouse tries to auto-detect the mouse, and as a last resort uses the mouse information specified in /etc/vga/libvga.config. file The file to read mouse protocol data from; defaults to /dev/mouse. baud Baud rate of mouse device. rts Turns off RTS if set to 0; turns RTS on if set to a number greater than 0. dtr Turns off DTR if set to 0; turns DTR on if set to a number greater than 0. FEATURES
o Generates evPtr* events. FILES
~/.ggi/input/linux-mouse and $sysconfdir/ggi/input/linux-mouse consists of the following entries: mouse mousetype mdev file where mousetype and file has the same semantics as the invocation options of the same names. libgii-1.0.x 2003-08-11 input-linux-mouse(7)

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