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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to run unix commands in a new shell inside a shell script? Post 94740 by Perderabo on Tuesday 3rd of January 2006 02:09:14 PM
Old 01-03-2006
I would go with:

/usr/sbin/chroot /safedir/rdns /bin/sh -c "cd /opt/iws61/https-rdns ; ./stop ; ./start"
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stl_mi(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							 stl_mi(4)

stl_mi - Software distribution master inventory files DESCRIPTION
Each software product that is distributed as subsets for the setld(8) command has an associated master inventory file. The master inventory file's name consists of the product's unique 3-letter name and a 3-digit version number with the string .mi for a suffix. The master inven- tory file is used by the software kitting program kits(1) in producing software distribution packages. A master inventory file contains one ASCII record, describing vendor-specified attribute information, for each file in the product kit. Each record is composed of three fields which must be separated by TAB characters. The fields are: A 16-bit unsigned integer. Bit 1 is the v (volatility) bit; when it is set, changes to the existing copy of the file can occur during kit installation. It is usually set for log files required by applications. The remaining bits are reserved. Possible values for this field are therefore 0 or 2. The dot-relative (./) pathname of the file described by this record. Each pathname must appear only once in the master inventory file. Pathnames must begin with a period (.). Records must be sorted in ascending ASCII sequence on this field. The name of the subset containing the file. Standard system directories are not included in subsets; they are represented by the keyword RESERVED in place of a subset name. Files that exist in the product hierarchy but are not distributed as part of any subset have a minus sign (-) in this field. Files that share a gnode (links) must all be included in the same subset. EXAMPLES
This example shows a section of the master inventory for a hypothetical layered product kit: 0 . RESERVED 0 ./usr/opt RESERVED 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100 OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/attr OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/dcb.spr OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/dcb_defaults OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/dcb_diag.sed OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/docbld OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/unstamp OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/README.dcb OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/attr.1 OATDCBDOC100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/ OATDCBDOC100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/docbld.1 OATDCBDOC100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/docbld.5 OATDCBDOC100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/unstamp.1 OATDCBDOC100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/doclib OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/doclib/templates OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/doclib/templates/conv.braces OATDCB100 0 ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/doclib/templates/conv.command OATDCB100 . . . RELATED INFORMATION
invcutter(1), kits(1), newinv(1), setld(8) Guide to Preparing Product Kits delim off stl_mi(4)

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