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This is beyond what this formum can help you with. Are you at a college? Your Computer Services department could give you the info on how to access a Unix box. If you are not at a college or company that will give you this kind of access, you will have to install a Unix Server at home, probably Linux.
GRUB-MKNETDIR(1)						   User Commands						  GRUB-MKNETDIR(1)

grub-mknetdir - prepare a GRUB netboot directory. SYNOPSIS
grub-mknetdir [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION
--compress=no|xz|gz|lzo compress GRUB files [optional] -d, --directory=DIR use images and modules under DIR [default=/usr/lib/grub/<platform>] --fonts=FONTS install FONTS [default=unicode] --install-modules=MODULES install only MODULES and their dependencies [default=all] -k, --pubkey=FILE embed FILE as public key for signature checking --locale-directory=DIR use translations under DIR [default=/usr/share/locale] --locales=LOCALES install only LOCALES [default=all] --modules=MODULES pre-load specified modules MODULES --themes=THEMES install THEMES [default=starfield] -v, --verbose print verbose messages. --core-compress=xz|none|auto choose the compression to use for core image --net-directory=DIR root directory of TFTP server --subdir=DIR relative subdirectory on network server -?, --help give this help list --usage give a short usage message -V, --version print program version Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional for any corresponding short options. Prepares GRUB network boot images at net_directory/subdir assuming net_directory being TFTP root. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <bug-grub@gnu.org>. SEE ALSO
grub-mkimage(1) The full documentation for grub-mknetdir is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and grub-mknetdir programs are properly installed at your site, the command info grub-mknetdir should give you access to the complete manual. grub-mknetdir (GRUB) 2.02-2ubuntu8.3 July 2018 GRUB-MKNETDIR(1)

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