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Old 10-25-2001
I don't know,I need to know EXACTLY how to do this!
Regexp::Common::URI::telnet(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			    Regexp::Common::URI::telnet(3)

Regexp::Common::URI::telnet -- Returns a pattern for telnet URIs. SYNOPSIS
use Regexp::Common qw /URI/; while (<>) { /$RE{URI}{telnet}/ and print "Contains a telnet URI. "; } DESCRIPTION
$RE{URI}{telnet} Returns a pattern that matches telnet URIs, as defined by RFC 1738. Telnet URIs have the form: "telnet:" "//" [ user [ ":" password ] "@" ] host [ ":" port ] [ "/" ] Under "{-keep}", the following are returned: $1 The complete URI. $2 The scheme. $3 The username:password combo, or just the username if there is no password. $4 The username, if given. $5 The password, if given. $6 The host:port combo, or just the host if there's no port. $7 The host. $8 The port, if given. $9 The trailing slash, if any. REFERENCES
[RFC 1738] Berners-Lee, Tim, Masinter, L., McCahill, M.: Uniform Resource Locators (URL). December 1994. SEE ALSO
Regexp::Common::URI for other supported URIs. AUTHOR
Damian Conway (damian@conway.org) MAINTAINANCE
This package is maintained by Abigail (regexp-common@abigail.be). BUGS AND IRRITATIONS
Bound to be plenty. LICENSE and COPYRIGHT This software is Copyright (c) 2001 - 2009, Damian Conway and Abigail. This module is free software, and maybe used under any of the following licenses: 1) The Perl Artistic License. See the file COPYRIGHT.AL. 2) The Perl Artistic License 2.0. See the file COPYRIGHT.AL2. 3) The BSD Licence. See the file COPYRIGHT.BSD. 4) The MIT Licence. See the file COPYRIGHT.MIT. perl v5.18.2 2013-03-08 Regexp::Common::URI::telnet(3)

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