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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers How to install FreeBSD without loosing my data? Post 91704 by sualcavab on Monday 5th of December 2005 03:02:43 AM
Old 12-05-2005
How to install FreeBSD without loosing my data? Please reply!

hi. I am newbie in Unix. I wanted to install Free BSD 5.2.1 to my computer which winXp was already installed. But i couldn't.
I chose Standard. Then it said you are going to use dos style fdisk partitioning. Then a window displayed begining like this.
WARNING: A geometry of 155127/16/63 for ad0 is incorrect...
I have one hard disk(80GB) with 3 partition(20,15,45). First for windows second for Unix which is empty and third for data. I want to install FreeBSD to second partition but i don't know how to do it. Below shown some info from that screen.

..41945652.........ad0s1.............. 4...............NTFS/HPFS/QNX
114398865.........ad0s2...............4.............Extended Dos/LBA
.......23436.............- ................12...................... unused

If I choose all disk space to install FreeBSD i will loose my data. I can't see second and third partition of my hard disk instead ad0s2 which is combination of second and third partition of my hard disk. If i choose ad0s2 will I loose my 3 rd partition?Please help me. I want to install Free BSD to second partition without loosing my data.

thanks in advance shamil from az.

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