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Full Discussion: Very new newbie question
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Very new newbie question Post 91046 by Split100 on Tuesday 29th of November 2005 01:31:31 PM
Old 11-29-2005
part 2

thanks ppierald but when i typed that it says "unable to open dispay"

tried xset b off
xset -b
xset -c off
xset -c

same error message everytime
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menu_driver(3X) 														   menu_driver(3X)

menu_driver - command-processing loop of the menu system SYNOPSIS
#include <menu.h> int menu_driver(MENU *menu, int c); DESCRIPTION
Once a menu has been posted (displayed), you should funnel input events to it through menu_driver. This routine has three major input cases: - The input is a form navigation request. Navigation request codes are constants defined in <form.h>, which are distinct from the key- and character codes returned by wgetch. - The input is a printable character. Printable characters (which must be positive, less than 256) are checked according to the program's locale settings. - The input is the KEY_MOUSE special key associated with an mouse event. The menu driver requests are as follows: REQ_LEFT_ITEM Move left to an item. REQ_RIGHT_ITEM Move right to an item. REQ_UP_ITEM Move up to an item. REQ_DOWN_ITEM Move down to an item. REQ_SCR_ULINE Scroll up a line. REQ_SCR_DLINE Scroll down a line. REQ_SCR_DPAGE Scroll down a page. REQ_SCR_UPAGE Scroll up a page. REQ_FIRST_ITEM Move to the first item. REQ_LAST_ITEM Move to the last item. REQ_NEXT_ITEM Move to the next item. REQ_PREV_ITEM Move to the previous item. REQ_TOGGLE_ITEM Select/deselect an item. REQ_CLEAR_PATTERN Clear the menu pattern buffer. REQ_BACK_PATTERN Delete the previous character from the pattern buffer. REQ_NEXT_MATCH Move to the next item matching the pattern match. REQ_PREV_MATCH Move to the previous item matching the pattern match. If the second argument is a printable character, the code appends it to the pattern buffer and attempts to move to the next item matching the new pattern. If there is no such match, menu_driver returns E_NO_MATCH and deletes the appended character from the buffer. If the second argument is one of the above pre-defined requests, the corresponding action is performed. MOUSE HANDLING If the second argument is the KEY_MOUSE special key, the associated mouse event is translated into one of the above pre-defined requests. Currently only clicks in the user window (e.g. inside the menu display area or the decoration window) are handled. If you click above the display region of the menu: a REQ_SCR_ULINE is generated for a single click, a REQ_SCR_UPAGE is generated for a double-click and a REQ_FIRST_ITEM is generated for a triple-click. If you click below the display region of the menu: a REQ_SCR_DLINE is generated for a single click, a REQ_SCR_DPAGE is generated for a double-click and a REQ_LAST_ITEM is generated for a triple-click. If you click at an item inside the display area of the menu: - the menu cursor is positioned to that item. - If you double-click an item a REQ_TOGGLE_ITEM is generated and E_UNKNOWN_COMMAND is returned. This return value makes sense, because a double click usually means that an item-specific action should be returned. It is exactly the purpose of this return value to signal that an application specific command should be executed. - If a translation into a request was done, menu_driver returns the result of this request. If you clicked outside the user window or the mouse event could not be translated into a menu request an E_REQUEST_DENIED is returned. APPLICATION-DEFINED COMMANDS If the second argument is neither printable nor one of the above pre-defined menu requests or KEY_MOUSE, the drive assumes it is an appli- cation-specific command and returns E_UNKNOWN_COMMAND. Application-defined commands should be defined relative to MAX_COMMAND, the maximum value of these pre-defined requests. RETURN VALUE
menu_driver return one of the following error codes: E_OK The routine succeeded. E_SYSTEM_ERROR System error occurred (see errno). E_BAD_ARGUMENT Routine detected an incorrect or out-of-range argument. E_BAD_STATE Routine was called from an initialization or termination function. E_NOT_POSTED The menu has not been posted. E_UNKNOWN_COMMAND The menu driver code saw an unknown request code. E_NO_MATCH Character failed to match. E_REQUEST_DENIED The menu driver could not process the request. SEE ALSO
curses(3X), menu(3X), wgetch(3X). NOTES
The header file <menu.h> automatically includes the header files <curses.h>. PORTABILITY
These routines emulate the System V menu library. They were not supported on Version 7 or BSD versions. The support for mouse events is ncurses specific. AUTHORS
Juergen Pfeifer. Manual pages and adaptation for new curses by Eric S. Raymond. menu_driver(3X)

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