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Special Forums IP Networking How do you send printer codes to an IP printer Post 87173 by Chris123 on Thursday 20th of October 2005 06:15:29 PM
I have had similar problems myself. It turns out that if you are using an HP Jetdirect of any type (internal or external) that the "raw" port is 9100. If you copy a file to that port on the jetdirect it will print. You can test this by telneting to the printer with the following command:
telnet printer_name_or_ip_here 9100
Type some stuff here
^L (for a page feed)
^d (to end, or for my telnet, you can also use ^]quit )
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PAPSTATUS(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      PAPSTATUS(8)

papstatus - get the status of an AppleTalk-connected printer SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/papstatus [ -d ] [ -p printer ] [ retrytime ] DESCRIPTION
papstatus is used to obtain the current status message from an AppleTalk connected printer. It uses the Printer Access Protocol (PAP) to obtain the status information. If no printer is specified on the command line, papstatus looks for a file called .paprc in the current directory and reads it to obtain the name of a printer. The .paprc file should contain a single line of the form object:type@zone where each of object, :type, and @zone are optional. type and zone must be proceeded by `:' and `@' respectively. Blank lines and lines the begin with a `#' are ignored. type and zone default to LaserWriter and the zone of the local host, respectively. OPTIONS
-d Turns on a debugging mode that prints some extra information to standard error. -p printer Get status from printer (do not consult any .paprc files to find a printer name). The syntax for printer is the same as discussed above for the .paprc file. retrytime Normally, papstatus only gets the status from the printer once. If retrytime is specified, the status is obtained repeatedly, with a sleep of retrytime seconds between inquiring the printer. FILES
.paprc file that contains printer name SEE ALSO
nbp(1), pap(8) 17 Dec 1991 PAPSTATUS(8)

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