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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting accessing my first element of array Post 84959 by Perderabo on Thursday 29th of September 2005 04:43:59 PM
Old 09-29-2005
You must have a bug in your code. Arrays work fine for me.
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1. Shell Programming and Scripting

Perl delete an element from array

Probably I am not seeing it or I am not using the "delete" correctly I had the following codes but it does not work for me #!/bin/perl -w ... @sysFile1 = (a_b, a_c, a_d); @sysFile2 = (a_c, a_e, b_f); foreach $line1 (@sysFile1){ trim(\$line1); (my $tmp1, my $tmp2) = split/_/,... (6 Replies)
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2. Programming

Structure element accessing issue...

Hi all, Can someone advice, why I'm getting a segmentation fault on a Linux system for a program which looks like the below one--: typedef struct idev{ int p, char q; } Idev; typedef struct abc{ int i; Idev *idev_ptr; } ABC; int main(){ ABC a_var; char str; int... (4 Replies)
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

Shift array element

I want to delete and 0th element of array in shell scrpit and also shift all others to one level up. (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: darshakraut
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4. Programming

how to put element of an array to first position.

hi, I have a array like my $array = ( "apple","ball","cat","dog","elephant"); how to push some element in the array to the first position. for example my final array should be elephant apple ball cat dog (5 Replies)
Discussion started by: vprasads
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

remove an element from array

I need to remove an element from the below array variable TABLENAME. #!/bin/ksh set -A TABLENAME "mirf roxar keke mirs" echo "the array is ${TABLENAME}" If i need to remove say keke and have the final TABLENAME as below, how this could be achieved. Pls throw some light. echo "Modified... (3 Replies)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Multiplying array element

I am trying to take all the elements of an array and multiply them by 2, and then copy them to a new array. Here is what I have i=0 for true in DMGLIST do let DMGSIZES2="${DMGSIZES}"*2 let i++ done unset i echo ${DMGSIZES2} It does the calculation correctly for the first element,... (7 Replies)
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7. Shell Programming and Scripting

Filter output as an array element

I am filtering the value of Server status from a file and am storing it in a temp file which I compare later to exit with appropriate status. I am wondering if I can directly output the value of Server status as an array element and then compare the value of elements to get the right exit status ... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: paslas
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

Not able to call an element from an array in ksh

Hi, I have: # Initialize variables #!/usr/bin/ksh FILENM=$1 INDEX=0 # read filename echo "You are working with the Config file: $FILENM" while read line do echo $line data=$line ((INDEX=INDEX+1)) done <"$FILENM" (3 Replies)
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9. UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

Array Element

This question is for someone that's more familiar with Array Element. I need to know if the maximum array element that can be assigned is 1024 and if its so, Is there a workaround solution when the counter exceeded 1024? param_array="$param_nam" counter=$counter+1 #to avoid space... (3 Replies)
Discussion started by: cumeh1624
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

Awk: check element in array and it's value

Hello, I want to see if element exists in array, if so then, check it's corresponding value. Column 4 is position and column 1 is the chromosome for it. There are duplicates for one position on one chromosome. I want to check if same position exists on different chromosome: Data... (8 Replies)
Discussion started by: genome
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Collator::asort - Sort array maintaining index association

       Object oriented style

public bool Collator::asort (array &$arr, [int $sort_flag]) DESCRIPTION
Procedural style bool collator_asort (Collator $coll, array &$arr, [int $sort_flag]) This function sorts an array such that array indices maintain their correlation with the array elements they are associated with. This is used mainly when sorting associative arrays where the actual element order is significant. Array elements will have sort order according to current locale rules. Equivalent to standard PHP asort(3). PARAMETERS
o $coll -Collator object. o $arr -Array of strings to sort. o $sort_flag - Optional sorting type, one of the following: o Collator::SORT_REGULAR - compare items normally (don't change types) o Collator::SORT_NUMERIC - compare items numerically o Collator::SORT_STRING - compare items as strings Default $sort_flag value is Collator::SORT_REGULAR. It is also used if an invalid $sort_flag value has been specified. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 collator_asort(3)example <?php $coll = collator_create( 'en_US' ); $arr = array( 'a' => '100', 'b' => '50', 'c' => '7' ); collator_asort( $coll, $arr, Collator::SORT_NUMERIC ); var_export( $arr ); collator_asort( $coll, $arr, Collator::SORT_STRING ); var_export( $arr ); ?> The above example will output: array ( 'c' => '7', 'b' => '50', 'a' => '100', )array ( 'a' => '100', 'b' => '50', 'c' => '7', ) SEE ALSO
Collator constants, collator_sort(3), collator_sort_with_sort_keys(3). PHP Documentation Group COLLATOR_ASORT(3)

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