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Study /etc/printcap and other man pages on lp, lpr and lpd.
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lp(1)							      General Commands Manual							     lp(1)

       lp - send requests to an LP line printer

       lp [-c] [-d dest] [-n number] [-] [files]

       The command arranges for the named files and associated information (collectively called a request) to be printed by a line printer.  If no
       file names are mentioned, the standard input is assumed.  When a file name is designated by a minus sign (-) it	stands	for  the  standard
       input  and may be supplied on the command line in conjunction with named files.	The order in which files appear is the same order in which
       they are printed.

       This command exists for X/OPEN compatibility.

       The following options to may appear in any order and may be intermixed with file names:

       -c	   Makes copies of the files to be printed immediately when is invoked.  Normally, files are not copied, but are  linked  whenever
		   possible.  If the -c option is not given, then the user should be careful not to remove any of the files before the request has
		   been printed in its entirety.  It should also be noted that without the -c option, any changes made to the  named  files  after
		   the request is made but before it is printed are reflected in the printed output.

       -d dest	   Chooses  dest  as  the  printer that is to do the printing.	If dest is a printer, then the request is printed on that specific
		   printer.  By default, dest is taken from the environment variable PRINTER if it is set.  Otherwise, a default destination,  lp,
		   is used.

       -n number   Prints number copies (default of 1) of the output.

       /etc/passwd	      personal identification
       /etc/printcap	      printer capabilities data base
       /usr/lib/lpd*	      line printer daemons
       /usr/spool/*	      directories used for spooling
       /usr/spool/*/cf*       daemon control files
       /usr/spool/*/df*       data files specified in cf files
       /usr/spool/*/tf*       temporary copies of cf files

See Also
       lpq(1), lpr(1), lprm(1), pr(1), symlink(2), printcap(2), lpc(8), lpd(8)


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