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Full Discussion: echo with a here-document
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting echo with a here-document Post 81409 by Unbeliever on Friday 19th of August 2005 09:48:51 AM
Old 08-19-2005
I assume its because echo (unlike most unix commands) does not 'by default' read from the stdin descriptor. All these commands simply echo a new line:

a) echo "mystring" | echo
b) cat myfile | ehho
c) echo < myfile
d) echo <<EOF

So in your second example:
Originally Posted by vino
echo <<EOF >> /tmp/log
A Line in the log file.
The next line in the log file.
And the last line in the log file.
you are in effect doing:

echo < myinfile > myoutfile

it's just the shell is creating the file for you.
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stripos(3), strrpos(3), strripos(3), strstr(3), strpbrk(3), substr(3), preg_match(3). PHP Documentation Group STRPOS(3)

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