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how to backup with ACL

Hello All,

I just inherent a new server with RedHat AS4 and ACL file system. Iím new to ACL and was trying to dump the system for backup and got errors that the ACL inodes would not be backed up. I have tried different command for backup such as star pax but found that there is a limitation of file size. I use to just do a dump of the partition to a file. I would like to know how everyone is doing backup that keeps the ACL tables intact for system recovery. Smilie

Thanks All
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acl_valid(3)						     Library Functions Manual						      acl_valid(3)

acl_valid - Checks an ACL for validity LIBRARY
Security Library (libpacl.a) SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/acl.h> int acl_valid( acl_t acl_d, acl_entry_t *entry_p); PARAMETERS
Specifies the working storage internal representation of an ACL. Pointer to the location that holds a returned ACL entry. DESCRIPTION
NOTE: This function is based on Draft 13 of the POSIX P1003.6 standard. The acl_valid() function checks the ACL for validity. An ACL is invalid if one or more of the following conditions are violated: The three required entries (ACL_USER_OBJ, ACL_GROUP_OBJ, and ACL_OTHER_OBJ) must appear exactly once in an ACL of type ACL_TYPE_ACCESS, and in a non- empty ACL of type ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT or ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT_DIR. The ACL must not contain a duplicate entry. An entry is duplicated if another entry in the same ACL has the same entry tag type and the same tag qualifier (sameness or difference in permissions is not relevant). RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, the acl_valid() function returns a value of 0 (zero). Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned, and the errno global variable is set to indicate the error. ERRORS
For the following condition, the acl_valid() function sets the location specified by the entry_p parameter with the value of the ACL entry for which one or more duplicates exist elsewhere in the ACL. The ACL contains entries that are not unique. For the following conditions, the acl_valid() function sets the location indicated by the entry_p parameter to the NULL value. The acl_d parameter does not refer to a valid ACL. One or more of the required entries is not present. RELATED INFORMATION
acl_create_entry(3), acl_init(3), acl_get_fd(3), acl_get_file(3), acl_set_fd(3), acl_set_file(3), acl(4) Security delim off acl_valid(3)

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