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UNIX Standards and Benchmarks UNIX & LINUX Benchmarks (Version 3.11) Linux Benchmarks Linux Benchmarks Makes No Sense Post 78844 by philip_38 on Friday 22nd of July 2005 10:29:13 AM
Old 07-22-2005
Linux Benchmarks Makes No Sense

I created two computers with identical hardware, and run the benchmark programs in both starting at the same exact time.

What makes no sense is that the computer that has the lower average index (121) finished the race a good 30 minutes ahead of the computer wich showed the higher avg index (167). The only difference here were the operating systems, which I am not naming yet because it may have commercial implications, and frankly I need to understand the results before jumping to conclusions. Maybe lower index means better system? That would be absurd.

Anybody has any idea about what is happenning?


Arithmetic Test (type = double) 2541.7 1062680.6 418.1
Dhrystone 2 without register variables 22366.3 5043054.8 225.5
Execl Throughput Test 16.5 132.0 8.0
File Copy (30 seconds) 179.0 10549.0 58.9
Pipe-based Context Switching Test 1318.5 2091.5 1.6
Shell scripts (8 concurrent) 4.0 63.3 15.8
SUM of 6 items 727.9


Arithmetic Test (type = double) 2541.7 1156065.7 454.8
Dhrystone 2 without register variables 22366.3 7300029.6 326.4
Execl Throughput Test 16.5 63.1 3.8
File Copy (30 seconds) 179.0 38201.0 213.4
Pipe-based Context Switching Test 1318.5 3060.1 2.3
Shell scripts (8 concurrent) 4.0 24.0 6.0
SUM of 6 items 1006.8
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OBNAM-BENCHMARK(1)					      General Commands Manual						OBNAM-BENCHMARK(1)

obnam-benchmark - benchmark obnam SYNOPSIS
obnam-benchmark [--config=FILE] [--description=DESCRIPTION] [--drop-caches] [--dump-config] [--dump-memory-profile=METHOD] [--dump-setting-names] [--file-size=SIZE] [--generate-manpage=TEMPLATE] [--generations=N] [-h] [--help] [--larch-branch=DIR] [--list-config-files] [--log=FILE] [--log-keep=N] [--log-level=LEVEL] [--log-max=SIZE] [--log-mode=MODE] [--no-default-configs] [--obnam-branch=DIR] [--output=FILE] [--profile-name=PROFILE-NAME] [--results=DIR] [--seivot-branch=DIR] [--seivot-log=SEIVOT-LOG] [--sftp-delay=SFTP-DELAY] [--size=PAIR] [--use-sftp-repository] [--use-sftp-root] [--verify] [--version] [--with-encryption] [FILE]... DESCRIPTION
obnam-benchmark benchmarks the obnam(1) backup application, by measuring how much time it takes to do a backup, restore, etc, in various scenarios. obnam-benchmark uses the seivot(1) tool for actually running the benchmarks, but makes some helpful assumptions about things, to make it simpler to run than running seivot directly. Benchmarks are run using two different usage profiles: mailspool (all files are small), and mediaserver (all files are big). For each pro- file, test data of the desired total size is generated, backed up, and then several incremental generations are backed up, each adding some more generated test data. Then other operations are run against the backup repository: restoring, listing the contents of, and removing each generation. The result of the benchmark is a .seivot file per profile, plus a Python profiler file for each run of obnam. These are stored in ../benchmarks. A set of .seivot files can be summarized for comparison with seivots-summary(1). The profiling files can be viewed with the usual Python tools: see the pstats module. The benchmarks are run against a version of obnam checked out from version control. It is not (currently) possible to run the benchmark against an installed version of obnam. Also the larch Python library, which obnam needs, needs to be checked out from version control. The --obnam-branch and --larch-branch options set the locations, if the defaults are not correct. OPTIONS
--config=FILE add FILE to config files --description=DESCRIPTION describe benchmark --drop-caches drop kernel buffer caches --dump-config write out the entire current configuration --dump-memory-profile=METHOD make memory profiling dumps using METHOD, which is one of: none, simple, meliae, or heapy (default: simple) --dump-setting-names write out all names of settings and quit --file-size=SIZE how big should files be? --generate-manpage=TEMPLATE fill in manual page TEMPLATE --generations=N benchmark N generations (default: 5) -h, --help show this help message and exit --larch-branch=DIR use DIR as the larch branch (default: /sbuild-nonexistent/larch/trunk) --list-config-files list all possible config files --log=FILE write log entries to FILE (default is to not write log files at all); use "syslog" to log to system log, or "none" to disable log- ging --log-keep=N keep last N logs (10) --log-level=LEVEL log at LEVEL, one of debug, info, warning, error, critical, fatal (default: debug) --log-max=SIZE rotate logs larger than SIZE, zero for never (default: 0) --log-mode=MODE set permissions of new log files to MODE (octal; default 0600) --no-default-configs clear list of configuration files to read --obnam-branch=DIR use DIR as the obnam branch to benchmark (default: .) --output=FILE write output to FILE, instead of standard output --profile-name=PROFILE-NAME short name for benchmark scenario --results=DIR put results under DIR (../benchmarks) --seivot-branch=DIR use DIR as the seivot branch (default: installed seivot) --seivot-log=SEIVOT-LOG seivot log setting --sftp-delay=SFTP-DELAY add artifical delay to sftp transfers (in milliseconds) --size=PAIR add PAIR to list of sizes to benchmark (e.g., 10g/1m) --use-sftp-repository access the repository over SFTP (requires ssh to localhost to work) --use-sftp-root access the live data over SFTP (requires ssh to localhost to work) --verify verify restores --version show program's version number and exit --with-encryption run benchmark using encryption ENVIRONMENT
TMPDIR This variable must be set. It controls where the temporary files (generated test data) is stored. If this variable was not set, they'd be put into /tmp, which easily fills up, to the detriment of the entire system. Thus. obnam-benchmark requires that the lo- cation is set explicitly. (You can still use /tmp if you want, but you have to set TMPDIR explicitly.) FILES
../benchmarks/ The default directory where results of the benchmark are stored, in a subdirectory named after the branch and revision numbers. EXAMPLE
To run a small benchmark: TMPDIR=/var/tmp obnam-benchmark --size=10m/1m To run a benchmark using existing data: TMPDIR=/var/tmp obnam-benchmark --use-existing=$HOME/Mail To view the currently available benchmark results: seivots-summary ../benchmarks/*/*mail*.seivot | less -S seivots-summary ../benchmarks/*/*media*.seivot | less -S (You need to run seivots-summary once per usage profile.) SEE ALSO
obnam(1), seivot(1), seivots-summary(1). OBNAM-BENCHMARK(1)

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