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Full Discussion: connection reset by peer
Special Forums IP Networking connection reset by peer Post 77095 by Perderabo on Monday 4th of July 2005 09:11:23 AM
Old 07-04-2005
Put it back to NOWAIT.

Run it again and while it's ok, run "netstat -an" and find the socket for the connection. rshd reads the input for the command until it get EOF. Then it runs the command. So the socket will probably be half-closed and in CLOSE-WAIT. Now let the NT box get that message. Look again in "netstat -an". Did the socket change? If not, the problem is not on the unix system.

A possible cause of "connection reset by peer" is that the NT box is seeing a second box somewhere with the same IP address as the Unix system.
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connect(2)							System Calls Manual							connect(2)

       connect - initiate a connection on a socket

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <sys/socket.h>

       connect(s, name, namelen)
       int s;
       struct sockaddr *name;
       int namelen;

       The  call  initiates  a	connection  on a socket.  The parameter s is a socket.	If the socket is of type SOCK_DGRAM, this call permanently
       specifies the peer to which datagrams are sent.	If it is of type SOCK_STREAM, this call attempts to make a connection to  another  socket.
       The other socket is specified by name, which is an address in the communications space of the socket.  Each communications space interprets
       the name parameter in its own way.  The size of the structure sockaddr is namelen.

Return Values
       If the connection or binding succeeds, then 0 is returned.  Otherwise, a -1 is returned, and a more specific error code is stored in errno.

       The call fails under the following conditions:

       [EBADF]	      The s is not a valid descriptor.

       [ENOTSOCK]     The s is a descriptor for a file, not a socket.

		      The specified address is not available on this machine.

       [EAFNOSUPPORT] Addresses in the specified address family cannot be used with this socket.

       [EINPROGRESS]  The connection is requested on a socket with FNDELAY set (using

       [EISCONN]      The socket is already connected.

       [ETIMEDOUT]    Connection establishment timed out without establishing a connection.

       [ECONNREFUSED] The attempt to connect was forcefully rejected.

       [ENETUNREACH]  The network is not reachable from this host.

       [EADDRINUSE]   The address is already in use.

       [EFAULT]       The name parameter specifies an area outside the process address space.

       [EWOULDBLOCK]  The socket is nonblocking, and the connection cannot be completed immediately.  You can select the  socket  for  writing	by
		      using the system call while it is connecting.

       The following errors are specific to connecting names in the ULTRIX domain:

       [ENOTDIR]      A component of the path prefix is not a directory.

       [ENAMETOOLONG] A component of a pathname exceeded 255 characters, or an entire path name exceeded 1023 characters.

       [ENOENT]       The named socket does not exist.

       [EACCES]       Search permission is denied for a component of the path prefix.

       [ELOOP]	      Too many symbolic links were encountered in translating the pathname.

See Also
       accept(2), fcntl(2), getsockname(2), select(2), shutdown(2), socket(2)


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