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Full Discussion: connection reset by peer
Special Forums IP Networking connection reset by peer Post 77074 by eyalush on Monday 4th of July 2005 04:51:32 AM
Old 07-04-2005
Question connection reset by peer

Smilie HI,

We have 2 servers ( win 2003 + sun 5.8 ) and we run a rsh from the NT to the UNIX.

The program runs a shell script on the UNIX and waits for the answer in the EOF.

How ever, after period of appx 2 min there is a reply "Recv failed:Connection reset by peer".

while the shell script is still running on the UNIX but the Connection to the NT is Closed !!

Please Help, What can I do ?
We tried to change in the file /etc/inetd.conf the rsh from NOWAIT to WAIT but no luck.

Thanks in Advance
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inetd.conf(4)                                                      File Formats                                                      inetd.conf(4)

inetd.conf - Internet servers database SYNOPSIS
/etc/inet/inetd.conf /etc/inetd.conf DESCRIPTION
In the current release of the Solaris operating system, the inetd.conf file is no longer directly used to configure inetd. The Solaris ser- vices which were formerly configured using this file are now configured in the Service Management Facility (see smf(5)) using inetadm(1M). Any records remaining in this file after installation or upgrade, or later created by installing additional software, must be converted to smf(5) services and imported into the SMF repository using inetconv(1M), otherwise the service will not be available. For Solaris operating system releases prior to the current release (such as Solaris 9), the inetd.conf file contains the list of servers that inetd(1M) invokes when it receives an Internet request over a socket. Each server entry is composed of a single line of the form: service-name endpoint-type protocol wait-status uid server-program server-arguments Fields are separated by either <SPACE> or <TAB> characters. A `#' (number sign) indicates the beginning of a comment; characters up to the end of the line are not interpreted by routines that search this file. service-name The name of a valid service listed in the services file. For RPC services, the value of the service-name field con- sists of the RPC service name or program number, followed by a '/' (slash) and either a version number or a range of version numbers, for example, rstatd/2-4. endpoint-type Can be one of: stream for a stream socket dgram for a datagram socket raw for a raw socket seqpacket for a sequenced packet socket tli for all TLI endpoints protocol A recognized protocol listed in the file /etc/inet/protocols. For servers capable of supporting TCP and UDP over IPv6, the following protocol types are also recognized: tcp6 udp6 tcp6 and udp6 are not official protocols; accordingly, they are not listed in the /etc/inet/protocols file. Here the inetd program uses an AF_INET6 type socket endpoint. These servers can also handle incoming IPv4 client requests in addition to IPv6 client requests. For RPC services, the field consists of the string rpc followed by a '/' (slash) and either a '*' (asterisk), one or more nettypes, one or more netids, or a combination of nettypes and netids. Whatever the value, it is first treated as a nettype. If it is not a valid nettype, then it is treated as a netid. For example, rpc/* for an RPC service using all the transports supported by the system (the list can be found in the /etc/netconfig file), equiv- alent to saying rpc/visible rpc/ticots for an RPC service using the Connection-Oriented Transport Service. wait-status This field has values wait or nowait. This entry specifies whether the server that is invoked by inetd will take over the listening socket associated with the service, and whether once launched, inetd will wait for that server to exit, if ever, before it resumes listening for new service requests. The wait-status for datagram servers must be set to wait, as they are always invoked with the orginal datagram socket that will participate in delivering the service bound to the specified service. They do not have separate "listening" and "accepting" sockets. Accordingly, do not configure UDP services as nowait. This causes a race condition by which the inetd program selects on the socket and the server program reads from the socket. Many server programs will be forked, and performance will be severely compromised. Connection-oriented services such as TCP stream services can be designed to be either wait or nowait status. uid The user ID under which the server should run. This allows servers to run with access privileges other than those for root. server-program Either the pathname of a server program to be invoked by inetd to perform the requested service, or the value internal if inetd itself provides the service. server-arguments If a server must be invoked with command line arguments, the entire command line (including argument 0) must appear in this field (which consists of all remaining words in the entry). If the server expects inetd to pass it the address of its peer, for compatibility with 4.2BSD executable daemons, then the first argument to the command should be specified as %A. No more than 20 arguments are allowed in this field. The %A argument is implemented only for services whose wait-status value is nowait. FILES
/etc/netconfig network configuration file /etc/inet/protocols Internet protocols /etc/inet/services Internet network services SEE ALSO
rlogin(1), rsh(1), in.tftpd(1M), inetadm(1M), inetconv(1M), inetd(1M), services(4), smf(5) NOTES
/etc/inet/inetd.conf is the official SVR4 name of the inetd.conf file. The symbolic link /etc/inetd.conf exists for BSD compatibility. This man page describes inetd.conf as it was supported in Solaris operating system releases prior to the current release. The services that were configured by means of inetd.conf are now configured in the Service Management Facility (see smf(5)) using inetadm(1M). SunOS 5.10 17 Dec 2004 inetd.conf(4)

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