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An alternative solution could be to use a third-party product such as Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM).


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vxdmp(7)						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						  vxdmp(7)

vxdmp - Veritas Volume Manager multipathing disk devices DESCRIPTION
Multipathed disk devices in Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) represent virtual devices with one or more physical access paths to a physical disk. The Multipathing feature provides disk access reliability by dynamically switching to another physical path if there is a path fail- ure. Every disk that is visible to VxVM is represented by a multipath device node in the /dev/vx/dmp and /dev/vx/rdmp directories for block type and character type interfaces. A simple disk is represented by a multipath device having one physical path, whereas a disk that is part of a multiported disk array is represented by a multipath device with many device access paths depending upon the type of the disk array. VxVM uses standard disk device naming conventions to name multipath devices. For example, if there is a disk device with two physical access paths such as c1t0d0 and c2t0d0, the multipathing device node for this particular disk is created under /dev/vx/dmp and /dev/vx/rdmp as c1t0d0 or c2t0d0. To provide multipathing, VxVM maintains an internal database of all the multipathed devices detected by the system and their respective paths. The database is created at system boot time. When disks are added or removed from the system, VxVM provides support to reconfigure the multipath device database to reflect new states of the hardware, while the system is online. To reconfigure the DMP database, run ioscan followed by insf, and then invoke vxdctl enable (see vxdctl(1M)). The various access paths to a multipathed device can be seen by using a vxdisk command (see vxdisk(1M)). These commands open the multi- pathing configuration device /dev/vx/dmpconfig to obtain the required information about the various paths to a multipathed device and their states. VxVM also provides the facility to enable or disable a disk controller. This feature can be used to stop all I/Os through a particular con- troller to perform maintenance operations on it. Use the vxdmpadm command to do this and also perform other operations on the multipath device database. VxVM can provide notification about events that occur in the DMP database due to a change in hardware. See the vxnotify(1M) man page for more information. VxVM is capable of multipathing both Active/Active and Active/Passive disk arrays. FILES
/dev/vx/dmp Multipathing block devices. /dev/vx/rdmp Multipathing character devices. SEE ALSO
ioctl(2), vxdctl(1M), vxdisk(1M), vxdmpadm(1M), vxnotify(1M) VxVM 24 Mar 2008 vxdmp(7)

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