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"move from an HP box to Sun Box"

Post #71454 by luker on Wednesday 11th of May 2005 09:05:36 AM

move from an HP box to Sun Box

I could write a long spec here, however.....we are looking at investing in one of thise shiny blue Sun V440's. Rediculousely expensive, however possibly more cost effective over time...too much time listening to salesmen. To the point has anyone actually performed a comparison for Oracle running on HP rp4440 and a SUN v440 ?
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BBACKUPD(8)							    Box Backup							       BBACKUPD(8)

bbackupd - Box Backup client daemon
bbackupd [-DFkqvVT] [-c config-file] [-t tag]
bbackupd runs on client computers in the background, finding new files to back up. When it is time for a backup, bbackupd will connect to the server (bbstored) to upload the files. A running bbackupd daemon can be controlled with the bbackupctl command, to make it shut down, reload its configuration, or start an immediate backup. bbackupd needs to be configured to tell it which files to back up, how often, and to which server (running bbstored). See the Client Configuration page for more information. For this, you must write a configuration file. You must either place it in the default location, or tell bbackupd where to find it. You can check the default location with the -h option. The default on Unix systems is usually /etc/box/bbackupd.conf. On Windows systems, it is bbackupd.conf in the same directory where bbackupd.exe is located. If bbackupd cannot find or read the configuration file, it will log an error message and exit. bbackupd usually writes log messages to the system logs, using the facility local5, which you can use to filter them to send them to a separate file. It can also write them to the console, see options below. If bbackupd is not doing what you expect, please check the logs first of all. Options -c config-file Use the specified configuration file. If -c is omitted, the last argument is the configuration file. If none is specified, the default is used (see above). -D Debugging mode. Do not fork into the background (do not run as a daemon). Not available on Windows. -F No-fork mode. Same as -D for bbackupd. Not available on Windows. -k Keep console open after fork, keep writing log messages to it. Not available on Windows. -q Run more quietly. Reduce verbosity level by one. Available levels are NOTHING, FATAL, ERROR, WARNING, NOTICE, INFO, TRACE, EVERYTHING. Default level is NOTICE in non-debugging builds. Use once to drop to WARNING level, twice for ERROR level, four times for no logging at all. -v Run more verbosely. Increase verbosity level by one. Use once to raise to INFO level, twice for TRACE level, three times for EVERYTHING (currently the same as TRACE). -V Run at maximum verbosity (EVERYTHING level). -t tag Tag each console message with specified marker. Mainly useful in testing when running multiple daemons on the same console. -T Timestamp each line of console output.
bbackupd.conf(5), bbackupd-config(8), bbackupctl(8)
Ben Summers Per Thomsen James O'Gorman Box Backup 0.11 10/28/2011 BBACKUPD(8)

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