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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers New in unixland: How do i install a networkprinter Post 68 by markbvnl on Tuesday 10th of October 2000 09:04:13 AM

I have a printershare called 270 on my NT-network.

How do i set up a printer ( pcl5 ) to print to this printer?

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tsm.lpadmin(1M) 														   tsm.lpadmin(1M)

tsm.lpadmin - add or remove a printer for use with tsm(1) SYNOPSIS
printer model printer DESCRIPTION
is used to add (or remove) a printer to the LP spooling system when the printer is connected to the system through a terminal running the Terminal Session Manager (see tsm(1)). is a shell script that uses in the normal way but also creates a named pipe to which LP output is directed (see lpadmin(1)). This named pipe is opened by TSM and data flowing from it is sent to the printer through the terminal. Options recognizes the following options: Names a printer to be created with an associated pipe. If is used, must also be specified. Selects a model interface program for printer. model is one of the model interface names supplied with the LP software (see the Models topic in the lpad- min(1)) manual entry. If is used, must also be specified. Removes printer from the LP system. No other options are allowed with Restrictions To use you must be user or AUTHOR
was developed by HP. FILES
lpadmin(1M), tsm(1). tsm.lpadmin(1M)

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