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Old 02-12-2005
Originally Posted by Neo
Samba, as I recall, only works on LANs, because the protocol is not routable across the Internet. I have never been able to get Samba to work across the Internet. Sure wish it would!!!

In other words, I do not know, off hand, how to mount a disk across the Internet between a Windows server and a UNIX server, sorry. If you find an answer, let me know because I would like to mount a remote Linux filesystem across the Internet on my XP workstation.
Well, I tried this:

I mounted the drive I needed on the Unix server:

mount -f NFS /u/unixshared

It mounts to my Windows machine.

Now, if I try to introduce a webshare on that folder
on the Windows machine, it doesnt allow me to do

I guess, this project is scrapped. Don't think my
boss is going to like this very much.

Thanks Neo
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