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Makes sense. Thank you!
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Hello all, Maybe someone can help? Please?!?!? How do I wipe a UNIX hard drive, For dos I use Norton. Is there something like that for UNIX. I am just barley understanding UNIX, so please forgive my ignorance. Also, is there a government approved method of sanitization? Thanks (10 Replies)
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Hello to all! In the OK prompt, which command should I use to see RAM memory, CPU, and disks partition and capacity? I have in my hands an ancient Ultra5 machine, which Im trying to install Solaris, but don't know if the configuration is the original one. Thanks! (4 Replies)
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wiping hard drive

I'm looking for a utility that will wipe data clean from a Solaris hard drive and make the data unreadable and unrecoverable. Any suggestions? Does SUN have something? (3 Replies)
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rouge process wiping files from a directory

I'm hoping you guys (the experts) can help me. We have a sweep directory (/opt/application/sweep) critical to our application process. The application will lay down a file in that directory, then about 15 seconds later a post process will come along and pick that file up and continue processing.... (2 Replies)
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Hi all, I was wondering how to change the PS1 to my liking? I tried changing it using PS1='my choice' it worked but the subsequent terminals i open will not have it as the default PS1 ,how do i change it? also i am running as super user, and i need to exec bash, to get the bash environment...... (4 Replies)
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Hi, Due to some changes at our company, we lost the password for the root and sms-svc account on the primary system controller (E25K). We connected a serial console to the system controller but we never managed to break the session to bring it to the OK prompt. (tried: ~#, ~ b, ~, , a b,... (9 Replies)
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Here is a little background. We have a V240 server that has two disks mirrored (out of 4 disks) and one of the disk complained when booting up. The system complained with /etc/inittab file is truncated or corrupted, cannot create /ar/adm/utmpx failed write of utmpx entry. Someone tried to fix... (4 Replies)
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WIPE(1) 							     LAM TOOLS								   WIPE(1)

wipe - Shutdown LAM. SYNTAX
wipe [-bdhv] [-n <#>] [<bhost>] OPTIONS
-b Assume local and remote shell are the same. This means that only one remote shell invocation is used to each node. If -b is not used, two remote shell invocations are used to each node. -d Turn on debugging mode. This implies -v. -h Print the command help menu. -v Be verbose. -n <#> Wipe only the first <#> nodes. DESCRIPTION
This command has been deprecated in favor of the lamhalt command. wipe should only be necessary if lamhalt fails and is unable to clean up the LAM run-time environment properly. The wipe tool terminates the LAM software on each of the machines specified in the boot schema, <bhost>. wipe is the topology tool that terminates LAM on the UNIX(tm) nodes of a multicomputer system. It invokes tkill(1) on each machine. See tkill(1) for a description of how LAM is terminated on each node. The <bhost> file is a LAM boot schema written in the host file syntax. CPU counts in the boot schema are ignored by wipe. See bhost(5). Instead of the command line, a boot schema can be specified in the LAMBHOST environment variable. Otherwise a default file, bhost.def, is used. LAM searches for <bhost> first in the local directory and then in the installation directory under etc/. wipe does not quit if a particular remote node cannot be reached or if tkill(1) fails on any node. A message is printed if either of these failures occur, in which case the user should investigate the cause of failure and, if necessary, terminate LAM by manually executing tkill(1) on the problem node(s). In extreme cases, the user may have to terminate individual LAM processes with kill(1). wipe will terminate after a limited number of nodes if the -n option is given. This is mainly intended for use by lamboot(1), which invokes wipe when a boot does not successfully complete. EXAMPLES
wipe -v mynodes Shutdown LAM on the machines described in the boot schema, mynodes. Report about important steps as they are done. FILES
$LAMHOME/etc/lam-bhost.def default boot schema file SEE ALSO
recon(1), lamboot(1), tkill(1), bhost(5), lam-helpfile(5) LAM 6.5.8 November, 2002 WIPE(1)

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