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Full Discussion: root mailbox problem
Operating Systems Linux root mailbox problem Post 55716 by RTM on Friday 17th of September 2004 10:47:43 AM
Old 09-17-2004
I have found that the mails which get bounced to the root's mailbox are mostly undelivered mails due to some reason.
This part of your problem is not a problem - it's suppose to do this. If you check your aliases file, postmaster is probably set up to go to root. It has to be going to someone. You could have it go to your account.

RFC 822 - Aliases required by the mail protocol
postmaster: root
MAILER-DAEMON: postmaster

You can change it, but it has to go to a person so errors in your configurations will be known and can be fixed.

If your 'users' are sending to dead addresses in such quanitity that it's overwhelming you, you may want to talk to your 'users'. It may be they are spamming...
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ERROR(8postfix) 														   ERROR(8postfix)

error - Postfix error/retry mail delivery agent SYNOPSIS
error [generic Postfix daemon options] DESCRIPTION
The Postfix error(8) delivery agent processes delivery requests from the queue manager. Each request specifies a queue file, a sender address, the reason for non-delivery (specified as the next-hop destination), and recipient information. The reason may be prefixed with an RFC 3463-compatible detail code; if none is specified a default 4.0.0 or 5.0.0 code is used instead. This program expects to be run from the master(8) process manager. Depending on the service name in, error or retry, the server bounces or defers all recipients in the delivery request using the "next-hop" information as the reason for non-delivery. The retry service name is supported as of Postfix 2.4. Delivery status reports are sent to the bounce(8), defer(8) or trace(8) daemon as appropriate. SECURITY
The error(8) mailer is not security-sensitive. It does not talk to the network, and can be run chrooted at fixed low privilege. STANDARDS
RFC 3463 (Enhanced Status Codes) DIAGNOSTICS
Problems and transactions are logged to syslogd(8). Depending on the setting of the notify_classes parameter, the postmaster is notified of bounces and of other trouble. CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS
Changes to are picked up automatically as error(8) processes run for only a limited amount of time. Use the command "postfix reload" to speed up a change. The text below provides only a parameter summary. See postconf(5) for more details including examples. 2bounce_notice_recipient (postmaster) The recipient of undeliverable mail that cannot be returned to the sender. bounce_notice_recipient (postmaster) The recipient of postmaster notifications with the message headers of mail that Postfix did not deliver and of SMTP conversation transcripts of mail that Postfix did not receive. config_directory (see 'postconf -d' output) The default location of the Postfix and configuration files. daemon_timeout(18000s) How much time a Postfix daemon process may take to handle a request before it is terminated by a built-in watchdog timer. delay_logging_resolution_limit(2) The maximal number of digits after the decimal point when logging sub-second delay values. double_bounce_sender (double-bounce) The sender address of postmaster notifications that are generated by the mail system. ipc_timeout(3600s) The time limit for sending or receiving information over an internal communication channel. max_idle(100s) The maximum amount of time that an idle Postfix daemon process waits for an incoming connection before terminating voluntarily. max_use(100) The maximal number of incoming connections that a Postfix daemon process will service before terminating voluntarily. notify_classes (resource, software) The list of error classes that are reported to the postmaster. process_id (read-only) The process ID of a Postfix command or daemon process. process_name (read-only) The process name of a Postfix command or daemon process. queue_directory (see 'postconf -d' output) The location of the Postfix top-level queue directory. syslog_facility (mail) The syslog facility of Postfix logging. syslog_name (see 'postconf -d' output) The mail system name that is prepended to the process name in syslog records, so that "smtpd" becomes, for example, "postfix/smtpd". SEE ALSO
qmgr(8), queue manager bounce(8), delivery status reports discard(8), Postfix discard delivery agent postconf(5), configuration parameters master(5), generic daemon options master(8), process manager syslogd(8), system logging LICENSE
The Secure Mailer license must be distributed with this software. AUTHOR(S) Wietse Venema IBM T.J. Watson Research P.O. Box 704 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA ERROR(8postfix)

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